Nickelodeon Deletes Thousands Of Votes In Their ‘Children’s Poll’ For President After Too Many People Voted For Trump

When one candidate got more votes than they were comfortable with, Nickelodeon removed hundreds of thousands of votes until they got the result they wanted. The TV network unveiled the results of its seven-day online “Kids Pick the President” poll late Tuesday, showing Democratic nominee Joe Biden as the winner with 53% of the vote to President Donald Trump’s 47%.

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The results were aired in a “Nick News: Kids Pick the President” special that allowed young viewers to speak out on topics such as racial inequality and climate change (You know, the topics that are most important to children who watch Spongebob Squarepants)

Well it turns out that the reason Biden won their poll was because Viacom, the parent company of Nickeleodon, removed over 130,000 votes that they deemed to be “bots”.

While not confirming that the votes that were removed were all from Trump, Viacom made the announcement stating they removed the votes after a report that members of the online forum 4chan, decided to vote in the poll in favor of Trump. Then employed a “voter certification tool” that identified and removed votes from “bots” until the remaining 90,000 showed Joe Biden as the winner with 53% of the vote. There was no confirmation that the 130,000 votes that were removed originated from 4chan.

Madman Films

“Though kids are not of an age to vote, ‘Kids Pick the President’ is a platform where their voices do count, and they deserve to be heard,” Nickelodeon officials said in a statement. “And just as kids value honesty and fairness, so do we at Nickelodeon. Therefore, out of respect for kids everywhere and in the spirit of civic responsibility, we present the name of the winner based on votes cast fairly and within our stated guidelines of one vote counted per household device.”

Nickelodeon launched its Kids Vote initiative during the 1988 U.S. presidential election to “amplify kids’ voices and opinions and raise their awareness of the electoral process.” However since 1992, the children’s poll has selected the Democrat candidate every election cycle with the exception of George W. Bush in 2000.


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14 thoughts on “Nickelodeon Deletes Thousands Of Votes In Their ‘Children’s Poll’ For President After Too Many People Voted For Trump

  1. This just screams corruption and bias from those with a single brain cell. Who would waste time stuffing the ballot box on a children’s network?

    1. Clearly you don’t know how bored 4chan users can get or how much fun they can have messing around with dumb inconsequential things on the internet.

  2. So they used ONE 4chan thread as justification to delete 130k votes and then Biden wins by 53%. Seems legit

  3. This is pure, unadulterated social manipulation of children. They are particularly susceptible to such manipulations in media and it’s disgusting to see.

  4. Was this even mentioned on 4chan? I never saw a thread about this and I waste all my time there. More likely there are just a lot of kids with parents who love Trump. Bet that scares the execs at Viacom witless that their decades of brainwashing isn’t holding

  5. For people who are so all fired hot for “democracy”, it isn’t a good look that they don’t seem to get the concept.

  6. So we are assuming that they are potentially lying about these being bot accounts? The “hacker known as 4chan” deliberately chose to interfere in this kid’s election. I don’t see why we’re questioning nickelodeon’s intent here. This is popular vote as well, so it makes sense since trump didn’t win the popular vote last time either. I feel like there’s a spin here rather than reporting the facts…

  7. topics like “racial inequality” and “climate change”. democrat candidates won every one from the start, 28 years ago. (except GWB) you think they wouldn’t cheat when Trump is winning? and lie about an excuse that makes Trumpers look bad? naah

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