Despite years of pandering and organizational changes to mandate that everything Hollywood produces has the correct ratio of non-white characters, diversity has not gone far enough, at least in positions behind the camera.

According to UCLA’s annual Hollywood Diversity Report, as of last year, white people made up 92% at the chairman/CEO level, while men accounted for 68%. Senior executives and unit heads were also predominantly white and male, according to the study, sitting at 84% white and 60% male, and 87% white and 54% male, respectively.

“There has been a lot of progress for women and people of color in front of the camera,” said Darnell Hunt, one of the report’s co-authors, in a statement. “Unfortunately, there has not been the same level of progress behind the camera. Most notably in the executive suite, there has been very little change since we began compiling data five years ago. That’s very telling, particularly in light of our current racial reckoning.”

Women and minorities made gains in nearly all of the 13 TV employment categories tracked by the report, but the numbers still fall short of proportional representation, especially at the highest levels. Among series creators, women are underrepresented by a factor of two, while people of color are underrepresented by a factor of three to four, according to the study.

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