Black Twitter Attacks Ice Cube For Working With Trump After Being Rejected By Democrats

Vocal Trump critic, rapper/actor Ice Cube shocked people on both the left and the right when it was announced that worked with the Trump Administration on the “Platinum Plan” after his request was rejected by Democrats. Needless to say “Black Twitter” was not happy about a black man working with Republicans.

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In a tweet on Wednesday, Ice Cube accused Democrats of brushing aside his Contract with Black America, saying that the party told him they would address the issue after the election. Cube said that the Trump campaign has spoken to him about the initiative and as a result, some adjustments to the campaign’s “Platinum Plan” which is described as a roadmap for economic, educational, and financial investments in black communities.

“Facts: I put out the CWBA. Both parties contacted me. Dems said we’ll address the CWBA after the election. Trump campaign made some adjustments to their plan after talking to us about the CWBA.” – Cube said.

The reaction to this news was made with vistrol from black Twitter which proceeded to call the rapper/actor a sellout.


Earlier this year, Ice Cube put together a political manifesto that puts forth a blueprint to achieve racial economic justice.

“A Contract with Black America: Addressing Racial Inequality” was intended to put pressure on companies, including financial institutions, to invest in black communities and approve more loans to black families and black-owned businesses.


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  1. These black leftists are not even hiding that their the racists. And they hate their own community.

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