The Latest Episode Of ‘Black-ish’ Is Propaganda For Stupid People

Credit to Dawn Slusher of Newsbusters who watched this garbage so we didn’t have to. It’s election season and the Disney owned ABC Network is making their push to get black people to vote for Joe Biden by dedicating several episodes of their show ‘Black-ish’ to all things Trump and black victimhood.

The latest episode of the show was full of anti-American propaganda meant to show black people how America is against them and that the only way to make live better for themselves is to vote Democrat…like they have been doing already for 6 decades.

The first episode begins with Junior (Marcus Scribner) being removed from voter rolls despite registering to vote for the first time and being eager to cast a vote in the presidential election. This leads to a skit where his father Dre is host of “Democracy in Jeopardy”. They start by complaining about the electoral college, the system that Democrats always want to remove when they lose an election (see 2000 and 2016).

Dre: Our next question — Who votes to determine the winner of a presidential election?


Josh: The American people.


Charlie: The Illuminati.


Miss Biggs: The Electoral College.


Dre: Good for you, for $100. The president, in fact, is chosen by an unelected group of 538 people who you’ve never heard of. Who are they? How did they get there? You’ll never know.


Charlie: Uh, that’s the definition of the Illuminati.


Dre: Judges? Uh…well, the judges say they can’t prove that you’re not right, so, Charlie, you get $100.


Charlie: Yes! Can I get that up out you right now?


Dre: Our next question. True or false — Even with the Electoral College, everyone’s vote for the president counts the same.


Josh: True. One person, one vote.


Dre: Ooh. Sorry. The answer is false. States with smaller populations get more power. So if you’re from Wyoming, congratulations! And if you’re from California, prepare for the Big One. But you are better off than all the people in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands and all of the other less vacation-y U.S. Territories. They have no say-so in who the president is, but lucky for them, they still get to pay taxes.


Dre: All right. Here’s our final question. Why was the Electoral College implemented?


Charlie: Illuminati! It’s got– It’s gotta be the Illuminati.


Dre: Ooh. Sorry, Charlie. The answer is slavery. The answer is almost always slavery. Did you know that four of the first five presidents were from the South? The other, John Adams, was from Boston, the South of the North. Uh-oh. Looks like we’re out of time. Let’s tally up the scores and see who our winner is for today. Okay. It looks like our winner is Contestant One!


Josh: Yeah!


Miss Biggs: What? But I’m winning.


Dre: Ooh. You were winning. But your points only count for three-fifths of a White man.


That’s right, when Obama wins via the electoral college, there is no problem with the system. When Trump wins via the electoral college…400 years of oppression and slavery. You have to be pretty stupid not to see the con here but Democrats know that 85-90% of black people will support them no matter what they do or say because that is how conditioned them are to support the Democrat Party (thanks to shows like this).

The episode continues by telling black people that America doesn’t want them to vote because racism. After Junior’s sister Diane plays a montage of a young, black woman who is unable to vote due to hindrances such as long lines that are also supposed to be a conspiracy to suppress the black vote, Junior is even more upset and proclaims, “The greatest trick that the Founding Fathers ever pulled was convincing us that we were a real democracy.” (Note: The United States is NOT a democracy, it’s a constitutional republic, always has been)

Dre then says in a voiceover, “America hasn’t wanted Black people to vote since the day this country became a country. He learned that the system isn’t broken. It’s working exactly how it was designed.”

Dre goes on to agree that there is “a conspiracy against us voting.” He says, “The machine was built to keep us out. But the only time that things changed in this country is when people did whatever it takes to make their voices count. From the Civil War to Women’s Suffrage to the Civil Rights Movement, America got better when more people voted.”


Keeping black people angry at white people and hating America is how Democrats maintains their control of their vote. You can be angry at this reality but it is working and you thank your corporate overlords at Disney for keeping black people in tow with the destruction of our country.


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4 thoughts on “The Latest Episode Of ‘Black-ish’ Is Propaganda For Stupid People

  1. Never mind what Joe Biden said himself was racist. Defund Disney and ABC. Because fuck big government.

  2. “”A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury.” – Alexander Fraser Tytler

    Buying a majority from public funds is the Democratic party charter in a nutshell.

  3. Here we go with the “blacks were worth three-fifths of a white person” lie again. For the umpteenth time, the Three-Fifths Compromise wasn’t about devaluing black people, it was about limiting the voting power of slave-owning states. It was literally an anti-slavery measure. But God forbid we include any historical context, that might make people hate their own country less.

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