Degenerate Rapper Thinks Kentucky AG Is A Sellout To Black People

One of the rappers from the hit song “Wet Ass Pussy (WAP)” thinks that Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron is a sellout to black people, and you are now dumber for having read that.

Last Saturday on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live”, rapper Megan Thee Stallion played an audio clip of a portion of activist Tamika Mallory’s speech at a September news conference with Taylor’s family where she said “Daniel Cameron is no different than the sellout negroes that sold our people into slavery,”

The news conference was in response to Cameron’s announcement that a grand jury had decided not to charge the police involved in Taylor’s death with murder.

“We need to protect our Black women and love our Black women,” Megan Thee Stallion said during her “SNL” performance. “Because, at the end of the day, we need our Black women.”

In the clown world we currently occupy as a society, Megan Thee Stallion is viewed as a black hero while Daniel Cameron is viewed as black sellout. While Megan was promoting female degeneracy in between allegedly being shot multiple times by her own boyfriend, Cameron gave a speech at the Republican National Convention is considered a short list candidate for the supreme court at just 34 years old.

Kentucky attorney general Daniel Cameron has responded to “Wet Ass
Pussy” rapper Megan Thee Stallion over her comments on Saturday Night
Live, in which the rapper said Cameron is no different than sellout negros that
sold our people into slavery.

In an interview with Fox & Friends, Cameron responded to the “I agree that we need to
love and protect our black women, there’s no question about that, but the fact
that someone would get on national television and make disparaging
comments about me because I’m simply trying to do my job is disgusting.”

“But it’s not the first time we’ve seen this, it certainly won’t be the
last time we see this,”
Cameron continued.

“At the end of the day, my responsibility is to provide facts and
truth, and represent and stand up for justice. I think what you saw there in
that display is someone who instead, wants to fashion facts to a narrative.”

Cameron said that the rapper’s comments are something that he has
experienced before.

“Because I’m a black Republican, because I stand up for truth
and justice as opposed to giving into a mob mentality. Those are the sorts of
things that will be hurled at me in this job, those are the sorts of things
that I’ve heard when I was in college, again, because I identify with a
different political philosophy,”

“The fact that a celebrity that I’ve never met before wants to make
those sorts of statements they don’t hurt me but what it does, it exposes the
type of intolerance and the hypocrisy,”
said Cameron.

“Because obviously people preach about being tolerant, and you see a
lot of that from the left about being tolerant, but what you saw there is inconsistent
with tolerance.”


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2 thoughts on “Degenerate Rapper Thinks Kentucky AG Is A Sellout To Black People

  1. Daniel Cameron is the real hero, while Megan Thee Stallion is the real sellout. Sold out to white leftists in the Democrats.

  2. Actually, what he sold out for is his soul, something which I suspect Megan lost a long time ago.

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