The Los Angeles Lakers are on pace to win their 17th NBA Championship this season but judging by television ratings, no one seems to care.

The 2020 NBA Finals between the L.A. Lakers and the Miami Heat have suffered the worst ratings in the league’s broadcast history. Despite having arguably the most popular franchise in NBA history along with the league’s two biggest stars in Lebron James and Anthony Davis on primetime TV, no one is watching their march to gold.

Game 1 averaged 7.41 million viewers on ABC, the least-watched NBA Finals game on record going back to 1988. Game 2 was FAR worse with just 4.5 million viewers down 68 percent over last year’s Game 2 which saw the Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors.

Game 2 of the 2020 series is now the lowest rated game ever for an NBA Finals and it is because the league has become unwatchable due to progressive far left politics.

With fans banned from games due to the COVID outbreak, The 2020 NBA season devolved into pure anti-American Black Lives Matter propaganda. Players refuses to acknowledge the American national anthem, Black Lives Matter is painted on the courts with a majority of players wearing BLM jerseys during the game. At one point, the Lakers along with Lebron James wanted to cancel the season outright following the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

The NBA isn’t fun anymore for long time fans of the league who remember the Lakers/Celtics rivalry of the 1980s and Michael Jordan’s dominance in the 1990s. Even new school NBA fans are tuning out because there is nothing worth rooting for anymore in a league that is so woke, it’s actually asleep.

It remains to be seen if the NBA will ever recover from it’s viewership collapse.

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