Letterboxd Censors Our Review Of Unpregnant…Twice

Once again, we are in a battle for free speech on a platform controlled by leftists.

It’s Letterboxd vs Society Reviews Part 2

Earlier this month, we reviewed the HBO Max film Unpregnant, a progressive pro abortion comedy that was made in the response of anti-abortion heartbeat bills that ban killing a child once a heartbeat of a baby is detected.

Our review of the film which you can read here was too hot for the Letterboxd platform, a platform that claims to be a social media network to share opinion of films. That is unless your opinion differs from the far-left which is why ours was removed by moderators not once but twice without warning or reason.

This is not our first fight with Letterboxd, last year the platform banned our account without warning for weeks following a negative review of the film Queen & Slim, a film favorable to the Black Lives Matter movement. Letterboxd reinstated our account once the story received media attention.

Refusing to back down from sharing our opinion, a third attempt at a review was posted giving an apology for our previous reviews that offended the Letterboxd community.

Once again, we are in a battle for free speech on a platform controlled by leftists.

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  1. I signed up for Letterboxd some time ago, only to see the gamut of genders available to choose in the user profile settings along with an entire page dedicated to why they’re great for providing those options. I deleted my account immediately.

    They’ve been shit forever

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