SB Nation Media Demands UFC Sponsors Denounce Colby Covington

Colby Covington is arguably the most talked about MMA fighter in the world not named Conor McGregor right now.  The Pro-Trump Welterweight dominated Black Lives Matter supporter Tyron Woodley last Saturday night, beating him by TKO in the 5th Round of the UFC’s Fight Night main event in Las Vegas.


Covington’s comments after the fight has enraged members of the media to the point that they are now calling on the sponsors of the UFC to denounce his comments attacking the Black Lives Matter movement.

Covington made statements after his fight Saturday night associating the Black Lives Matter movement with terrorism.


“The Black Lives Matter is a complete sham. It’s a joke. They’re taking these people that are complete terrorists. They’re taking these people that that are criminals. These aren’t people that are hardworking Americans, blue-collar Americans. These are bad people. They’re criminals.

“They shouldn’t be attacking police. If you’re breaking the law and you’re threatening the cops with weapons, you deserve to get what you get. Law enforcement protects us all. If we don’t have law enforcement, it’d be the wild wild west.”

“Woodley’s a communist. He’s a Marxist. He stands for criminals. He hates America, and that’s why he got broke tonight.”

The media was not happy about Colby’s comments and they are now demanding commendation from the UFC’s corporate sponsors.

Bloody Elbow, a sports media outlet owned by Vox Media, reached out to all of the sponsors of Saturday night’s show including Reebok, Monster Energy, DoorDash, Modelo, Nemiroff Vodka, Howler Head, Manscaped, Jimmy John’s, Toyo Tires, and DraftKings.

The media outlet contacted all of these sponsors with Covington’s quotes to ask if the companies still support Black Lives Matter in a progressive Litmus Test. Most sponsors declined to condemn Covington directly but reaffirmed their support to Black Lives Matter which is what the media wanted.

Another SB Nation outlet, MMAMania expressed frustration that UFC President Dana White and UFC’s media partner ESPN didn’t punish Colby for his comments.

Dana White responded by backing the freedom of speech of his fighters:

“One of the things that we’ve never done here at the UFC is stop people from expressing how they feel about certain things inside or outside the octagon,” White said.

“Even if it’s me, if it’s about me. Who’s more about free speech than we are? We literally let our people do or say whatever it is they do. It’s normal.

“I would have to say to this day the darkest one ever was Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor. When I left that press conference, I didn’t feel great after I left that press conference. Everything that happened this week, I f**king saw it coming 100 miles away.”

Virtually every professional sports league in the sports has bent the knee to Black Lives Matter with the UFC being one of the few leagues that has stood it’s ground making it a bigger target in the eyes of the progressive media.


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6 thoughts on “SB Nation Media Demands UFC Sponsors Denounce Colby Covington

  1. This is beyond absurd, this nobody of a human is mimicking the blueprint of hate that trump has touted throughout his presidency. The controversy he has managed to muster is exactly what he needs to be relevant.
    The crazy thing is ,that Dana White has turned a blind eye to his actions because clearly he supports colbys thoughts. When Kapernick did this he was black balled because he wasn’t representing the NFL the way he Roger wanted him too. Dana on the other hand agrees with colby and supports his actions cowardly by not speaking about it directly. Cowardly colby covington didn’t have that energy when he got his jaw broke. Just saying

    1. “Blueprint of hate”. Pretty sure burning down other people’s businesses and dancing in the ashes qualifies a lot more for that euphemism than anything Trump as advocated.

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