New York Times Tries To Shut Down College Football Days Before The Season

As President Donald Trump has vocalized his support to college football being played this year in front of crowd, the progressive sports media is on the hunt to bring down what is viewed as a Trump friendly target.

Just days before three of the five power college conferences move forward with plans to play football in this season, The New York Times jumps in to not only shame them for playing but claim that football is “non-essential”.

In an editorial called “College Football Is Not Essential”, The Times starts off by saying that it is unfair that they have to “do their job” in the middle of coronavirus shutdowns.

Never has the inaccuracy of the term ‘student-athlete’ been put in starker relief than in the misguided and dangerous attempt by the Big 12, Atlantic Coast Conference, and Southeastern Conference to press forward with a nearly full season of football games beginning next month — as nonathlete classmates are sent home for their safety.

Canceling or suspending the college football season and other fall sports is no small decision. Billions of dollars in television and ticket sales are at stake, not to mention alumni donations, merchandise sales, athlete eligibility, and even next year’s applicant pool. But it is a far more dangerous game to invite the virus’s spread among vulnerable athletes during what the Big 12 commissioner, Bob Bowlsby, called the “petri dish” of the first few months of school while advocating for a football season.


The excitement of the football season (not to mention countless other aspects of pre-pandemic American life) would be welcome after months of shelter-in-place orders. But with the U.S. death toll continuing to rise and infections exceeding 5.7 million, players and other students contracting the virus as a result of an ill-advised college football season is not a likelihood — it’s a certainty.

According to the Times, college football specifically puts minority students at risk.

“As the nation faces a reckoning over longstanding racial inequities, administrators shouldn’t turn a blind eye to how the coronavirus has disproportionately impacted Black and other minority communities,” the Times exclaimed. “Black and Latino players make up about 60 percent of college football rosters, more than double their representation among the entire United States.

“What message does it send to athletes and their families that they must stay on campus if they want to play football — and bring in dollars for their school — while other students can more safely attend classes via their home computers?” the paper asked.

Leftists have done everything in their power to destory sports as college football is seen as one of the last remaining establishments that the left has yet to infect due to the schools connection to certain regions of the country.

However, as President Donald Trump has vocalized his support to college football being played this year in front of crowd, the progressive sports media is on the hunt to bring down what is viewed as a Trump friendly target.

The Pac 12 cancelled their athletics seasons as most of their colleges are located in strong Democratic regions and the Big 10 cancelled their athletics against the will of the majority of their players but with the support of Michigan’s Democrat Gretchen Whitmer.

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  1. College age students are the cannon fodder of the far left. Which is why the Democrats keep proposing to bring back the draft. The draft – not the war in Vietnam – was the actual reason for the college riots and increased student radicalism in the 60s. So keeping college students in a state of agitation combined with substituting activism for sports is par for their present agenda.

    As an aside, I would say that whomever was responsible for the super high false positive rate of the COVID tests should be investigated even more thoroughly than the FBI has been for the traitorous attempt to frame Trump. It stinks and indicates high incompetence and likely corruption at the CDC.


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