Professional Sports Leagues Are Committing Seppuku…Let Them

“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” ― Napoleon Bonaparte

Two months ago, I made the proclamation that sports are dead, and the cause of death is progressive politics. In the weeks that followed this statement, every professional sports league in the country has done everything in their power to prove my point.

In an era where fans are not even allowed to attend games due to COVID, major sports leagues have made it loud and clear that it’s fanbase is on the bottom of their Totem pole. Major League Baseball sold out to black lives matter, the National Football League committed to playing the black national anthem in an attempt to keep the media from calling them racists, and Major League Soccer protested the American national anthem and then got mad at their own fans for booing them.

All of these decisions pale in comparison to the National Basketball Association who have gone so far off the Marxist reservation, they are outright refusing to play games. That’s right, the NBA is now so woke, that they would rather become progressive activists than play games. Doing their jobs as professional basketball players has now become a detriment to their agenda.


On Wednesday, NBA teams refused to play playoff basketball in solidarity to Black Lives Matter and their latest false God Jacob Blake. Blake was entangled in a physical scuffle with police prior to being shot as he ignored officers’ warnings and reached inside his car. Blake was charged by Kenosha County prosecutors prior to his altercation with the police on accusations of sexual assault of a minor, trespassing, and disorderly conduct in connection with domestic abuse. He was also confirmed to have a weapon on him at the time of the shooting.

But facts don’t matter to progressives, Blake is a victim in their eyes so the Los Angeles basketball teams the LA Lakers and the LA Clippers went a step further as they voted to cancel the remainder of the season.

Not wanting to be called racist for refusing to shut down their league, the National Hockey League quickly joined the NBA and refused to play games in order to honor a violent criminal. A number of MLB teams such as the Oakland A’s, New York Mets, and the Miami Marlins refused to play in protest. 

A Marxist movement known for idolizing seedy individuals and burning down cities across the nation now has every major sports league around the country by the balls, a move that they may never recover from…and we should let them do it.

Every professional sports league has chosen progressive ideology over it’s loyal fanbase. They have made it very clear that if you oppose their group think, they do not want you as a fan. Black Lives Matter is more important to them than your fandom.

Professional athletes who made millions of dollars playing children’s games now have enough zeros in their bank account to look at the leagues who gave them that cash with contempt. Playing sports for white owners in front of a majority white fanbase is like slavery according to them. How can someone like Lebron James be viewed as a modern day civil rights icon if he is forced to average 28 points playing a game?

Sports leagues have now become so woke, that they actively hate the sport that they are playing, so they don’t want to play it and they won’t.

So what does that mean for you as a fan?

Well, unless you care more about worshipping people like Jacob Blake than actual games, you as a fan have no value to the league you have supported since your childhood. Having already been banned from attending the game you love, now progressives have decided that you don’t deserve to watch the sports you love.

Daily Beast writer Robert Silverman says that America doesn’t deserve sports right now, especially white Americans. Silverman writes:

“Whether the NBA returns at all is an open question, but asking a majority-Black group of workers to entertain a largely white audience at the same time that a steady drumbeat of Black people are being subjected to violence at the hands of the cops was never sustainable.”

The precedent has now been set, if some criminal who is black gets shot in America by a police officer, even if the criminal was fighting cops with a deadly weapon like Jacob Blake, Black Lives Matter says that you don’t get sports that day, the league shuts down until Black Lives Matters says they can play again. 

Even in individual sports, Naomi Osaka refused to play her semi-final matchup in order to show Black Lives Matter that she is on their side. NFL teams are cancelling practices and it is likely they will make a case to cancel games as well. 

Like most cancers, when you let a problem spread uncontrollably, the options to fix the problem become limited and the host eventually dies. That is what is happening to sports in real time. Leagues are killing themselves in front of their own fanbases, and we should not stop them from doing it.

The message to you is clear, the objective of sports is no longer to entertain you and bring people from different regions of this country together to celebrate fandom. Their goal is to subvert American culture into the image of what Karl Marx wanted. These leagues do NOT care about you, they despise you. You probably voted for Trump, why would they ever go out of their way to make YOU happy?

The leagues think that they can survive without you…they can’t. They may have no problem spitting in the face of people who spend their hard earned money on tickets, collectables, and jerseys but eventually people are going to stop spending. They are going to stop watching, they are going to stop caring, they already are. 

Sports have made their bed, they have chosen their side, and it is up to the fans to make them lie in their mess. They have decided to give you and your fandom the finger and it is up to you to treat them like a wounded sexual offender bleeding out in the middle of the road…let them die.



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7 thoughts on “Professional Sports Leagues Are Committing Seppuku…Let Them

  1. Maybe people can focus on things that they should have been doing with their free time, like have better relationships, get involved with their community, instead of handing over control to people that dont have a stake in their lives!

    1. An excellent sentiment, but no matter how much community involvement you have, people still need recreation and entertainment. What’s happening now has been characterized by the activist left with the slogan “No Escape”. Movies, streaming content and now sports events have become instruments of political indoctrination and that’s no fun. They’ve created a “virtual gulag” when it comes to entertainment – you can’t get out and you have to listen to the political officer droning on about 5 year plans and the glories of socialist “equality”. As for me, rather than join a community sing or square dance I’ll exploit a DVD/BluRay library of non socially conscience entertainment. Last night – Roger Corman’s “Battle Beyond the Stars”.

      1. I follow you. Tough nut. I just wish people knew that there were plenty of things to do before they ran off to “watch the gladiators”. (These events lately have pushed me away from old events like NCAA football, NFL, MLB, etc). Even the UFC/MMA.

  2. It is only now occurring to me that the large majority of sports franchises are, in effect, monopoly corporations. NBA, NFL and MLB really have no actual competition. For all the talk about the free market system, there’s damn little free market left. So the alternatives to impose some kind of penalty on them for going on a strike for better politics are depressingly limited.

    1. The system has been set up that they are they own competition, instead of competitive leagues, they have farm systems that fed into the monopoly league. It’s partly our fault because when a new league does pop up, fans won’t support it because they are too conformable with the people who hate them.

  3. These sports companies are also asking for Donald Trump to slap a “No Politics policy” on them and have them stick to sports. And will send the National Guard out on these Cultural Marxists once he gets re-elected. He’s not going to put on with these Marxists any further.

  4. I love sports. I play them myself. But I don’t watch them. It’s irrelevant to me who wins and who loses. Watching sports is like going to a restaurant and watching other people eat.

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