NBA Players May Quit The Season To Support Black Lives Matter.

It looks like the NBA Season is on the brink of another shutdown and the league’s future could be changed forever.

On Wednesday, the Milwaukee Bucks refused to play Game 5 of their first-round series against the Orlando Magic in the wake of the shooting death of Jacob Blake. Blake was shot by police officers after resisting an arrest warrant and wrestling with officers. Blake was then shot after retreating to his car ignoring police orders to stop.

“We’re tired of the killings, and the injustice,” Bucks player George Hill told The Undefeated’s Marc J. Spears on Wednesday.

The feeling is reportedly spreading far and wide. According to a report at Sports Illustrated, some of the loudest, most politically woke players are beginning to realize that athletes don’t have the power to change things as they imagined.

The NBA made the call to postpone the Bucks/Magic and the Lakers/Blazers on Wednesday but as the day has progressed, there have been calls to take the protests a step further.


Progressive activists are pledging with players to protest ALL future games until social justice demands are met. Politically “woke” players are unhappy with their games being a distraction from the Black Lives Matter political movement.

“Do we actually give a fuck about what’s going on, or is it just cool to wear ‘Black Lives Matter’ on the backdrop, or wear a T-shirt? Like, what does that really mean? Is it really doing anything,” Toronto Raptors player Fred VanVleet exclaimed.

“At the end of the day, if we’re going to sit here and talk about making change, then at some point we’re going to have to put our nuts on the line and actually put something up to lose, rather than just money or visibility. I’m just over the media aspect of it. It’s sensationalized, we talk about it every day, that’s all we see, but it just feels like a big pacifier to me.” 

The league is set to have an emergency meeting with players tonight in order to decide if the remainder of the NBA season will be cancelled or not. If players refused to play until social justice demands are met, this very well may be the end of the National Basketball Association as we know it.


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5 thoughts on “NBA Players May Quit The Season To Support Black Lives Matter.

  1. Fuck every NBA player that is supporting a domestic terrorist organization that are using black people to push communism in the USA.

  2. The season is already hosed and due to COVID reqs probably highly unprofitable in any case. Hence no big deal if they do a little virtue signaling and just close it out. Maybe LeBron can get his movie career on track while he’s on “strike”. It will be interesting how long it takes to build the fan base back up and which teams will survive – and if the player’s contracts will be honored when the bankruptcy comes. The owners of these teams are all billionaires riding their pro-sport hobby horse so it’s all good.

  3. Most of these players are on the verge of bankruptcy anyway. Let them go broke. They’re nobodies. They think they’re somebodies because they play ball at an above average level but don’t realize they can be replaced by literally dozens of people that didn’t make the cut for minor reasons.

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