Butthurt NHL Fans Kneel Because Players Refuse To Protest U.S. National Anthem

As of this writing, the National Hockey League remains one of the few sports leagues in the world that hasn’t submitted their allegiance to the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement, and a handful of fans on social media are not happy about it.

Sports leagues are coming back after months of no games due to the coronavirus outbreak. However, the ones that are coming back are doing so by throwing far-left politics in your face whether you like it or not.

Earlier this week, the NBA and MLB resumed play in where entire teams decided to protest the American national anthem by taking a knee. In the WNBA, players simply walked off the court before the anthem could play as a sign of protest, Not the NHL however.

Earlier this week, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump retweeted a video from the New York Rangers vs Edmonton Oilers game in which all players from both teams stood up for the national anthem.

This video angered left-wing sports fans who now view standing for the national anthem of the country you were born and live in as a symbol of racism and hatred. So these “hockey fans” took it upon themselves to take a knee on social media, because the players refused to conform.

A Twitter hashtag #Kneel4Hockey was trending to show solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

Current the NHL has been the only sports league not to dedicate its season to neo-Marxists but who knows how long they can hold out before submitting to the mob.

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One thought on “Butthurt NHL Fans Kneel Because Players Refuse To Protest U.S. National Anthem

  1. These people are clearly not sports fans when they only care about politics. And all of those people are white leftists(Baizuos). Go figure.

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