Hollywood Gives Progressive Propaganda Film A Theatrical Release While Postponing Entertaining Movies

Hollywood is pulling multiple future releases from movie theaters such as Tenet and Mulan because the argument is, it is not safe for movie theaters to operate with the increase of coronavirus cases in the country.

Well, apparently those rules do not apply when you are trying to stop Trump’s re-election.

Amazon Studios will open All In: The Fight for Democracy in cinemas on September 9 ahead of its streaming debut on Prime Video on September 18. The documentary, which stars and is co-produced by Democrat Vice President hopeful Stacey Abrams and follows the failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate in her on-going quest to expose alleged acts of voter suppression, which she has blamed for her defeat to Gov. Brian Kemp (R) in 2018.

“We need to come together as a country and make sure every voice and vote is counted,” Abrams said in a statement sent to multiple outlets. “The title All In: The Fight for Democracy speaks to the importance and necessity that every American has the right to have their voice be heard and their vote counted. We know that if our votes were not important, so many folks wouldn’t be working so hard to take our right to vote away.”

Despite the fact that Georgians set a record for voters in the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election, Abrams has continued to blame voter suppression for her loss and continues to claim without evidence that Republicans are going to steal the 2020 presidential election in the same manner.

While Hollywood claims it’s too dangerous for you to sit in a movie theater and watch the latest Christopher Nolan film, they have no problem with you sitting in a theater and risking your grandmother’s life if it means that you will vote for Joe Biden in November…bold strategy indeed.


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4 thoughts on “Hollywood Gives Progressive Propaganda Film A Theatrical Release While Postponing Entertaining Movies

  1. This is what will cause Donald Trump to get re-elected and potentially cause him and his administration to investigate Hollywood and their political corruption.

    1. Dream on. For two years, Trump had a GOP congress and Senate and they accomplished bugger all. They wouldn’t even agree to building the wall. I sometimes envy the Democrats – most of their pols are more “activists” than representatives. Which is why a lot of GOP voters would “crawl over broken glass” to vote for Trump again. If anything is going to change Hollywood and the digital robber barons it’s Trump’s justice department running anti-trust suits against them.

      1. Naturally 10 minutes after I wrote the above I read that a GOP rep asks the DOJ to investigate Zuckerberg.

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