WOKE SPORTS: Major League Baseball To Incorporate ‘Black Lives Matter’ Into The 2020 Season

Black Lives Matter, a radical Marxist organization has found its way into every major professional sports league in the world. From the English Premier League, National Football League, and the National Basketball Association; every sport on the planet desperately looking for a way to incorporate the movement into their upcoming seasons.

Add Major League Baseball to that list.

According to ESPN’s Buster Olney, MLB has set a meeting for Sunday to discuss incorporating Black Lives Matter symbolism or displays during games or events. It’s unclear what form the elements will take, whether it be some kind of logo placed on uniforms or something shared and fronted by players.

“Addressing the issue requires action both within our sport and society. MLB is committed to engaging our communities to invoke change,” MLB added. “We will take the necessary time, effort, and collaboration to address symptoms of systemic racism, prejudice, and injustice, but will be equally as focused on the root of the problem.”

Since that statement, MLB’s social media accounts became saturated with social justice postings.

Since the death of George Floyd, every major sports league in the world has incorporated Black Lives Matter into their games. The English Premier League Soccer has mandated both teams take a knee at the beginning of games and wear patches in support of the movement. The National Football League will stage protests of the American National Anthem while playing the “Black National Anthem“. The National Basketball Association will have “Black Lives Matter” in massive lettering on the court along with “social justice” messaging written on the jerseys of the players.


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5 thoughts on “WOKE SPORTS: Major League Baseball To Incorporate ‘Black Lives Matter’ Into The 2020 Season

  1. I’m so tired of these sports companies constantly bending the knee to these Marxist organization. Keep in mind, Black Lives Matter is responsible for causing COVID-19 to increase.

  2. This time in history will be remembered as that of weak minded people who were so scared of a public opinion despite living in the information age that they allowed a terrorist group to gain worldwide support. Pathetic.

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