Oklahoma State Coach Mike Gundy Loses 1 Million Dollars For Wearing An OANN T-Shirt

If you dare to exercise your 1st amendment right to wear a t-shirt that the progressive woke left doesn’t like, it could cost you…

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That is what happened to Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy who caused a leftist meltdown a few weeks ago because a Facebook photo showed him wearing the t-shirt of the Pro-Trump news network One America News Network.

Gundy has now agreed to accept a $1 million pay cut and a one-year reduction in contract length…because he wore a shirt of a news network the left didn’t like.

“The changes were offered up by Mike Gundy, and I commend him for that. It was his idea to take a million-dollar pay cut,” Oklahoma State Athletic Director Mike Holder said on Friday.

“I think it really demonstrates his commitment to being a better coach. He wanted to make a statement that assured all the players that this wasn’t just about talk, this is more about action, and that’s the first step.”

As ESPN reports, “In addition to the pay cut, Holder said the contract length was shortened from five to four years, his buyout was cut from $5 million to $4 million, and his guarantee dropped from 75% to 50%.”

Holder hastened to add, “I want to emphasize, every one of those was offered up by Mike Gundy.”

All this over a t-shirt…

See the source image


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