With no sports in sight, ESPN has decided to dedicate its 24-hour sports network to radical social justice, and their fanbase has fled faster than women fled the Titanic.

2 weeks ago, ESPN did its lowest viewership in the 41-year history of the network. Abandoning sports altogether, ESPN has spent the last month of their coverage on the death of George Floyd and race relations in America. These are fine topics for CNN and MSNBC but not for the worldwide leader in sports.

ESPN First Take was the highest-rated ESPN studio show all day, posting just 211,000 viewers. That was the 93rd highest-rated program on all of cable. Get Up had just 136,000 viewers on June 10th, the lowest number of viewers in the show’s history. SportsCenter all day had just 168,000 viewers, NBA: The Jump had only 112,000 viewers. Highly Questionable had just 151,000 viewers and Around the Horn had just 175,000 viewers.

ESPN then doubled down on woke with the 2020 ESPY Awards. The ESPYs crashed to the lowest viewership ever recorded with only earned 482,000 viewers over both ESPN and ESPN2 combined, making it the smallest audience the show has ever reached dating back to its inaugural awards in 1993. The previous low occurred in 2011 when 1.98 million viewers tuned in, according to Sports Media Watch. With no live sports to focus on, this year’s ESPYs were largely devoted to humanitarian and social issues…in other words, no sports.

Then ESPN tripled down on woke with The Undefeated, a Sportcenter special that sought to teach it’s audiences about white privilege.

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The special drew only 100,000 viewers, the lowest in 25 years for the network. ESPN once again proves to its audience that they are a sports network that doesn’t want to talk about sports.


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