You are no longer allowed to wear clothing that the left does not approve of.

Freedom of expression and the 1st amendment took a massive blow today after Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy was forced to make a commitment to “change” after a recent photo of him wearing a One America News Network shirt surfaced.

One America News Network also known as OANN is a right-wing independent news outlet that is favorable to President Trump. That alone caused Oklahoma State star running back Chuba Hubbard to have a meltdown on social media and attack his coach for being “insensitive”.


“I will not stand for this.. This is completely insensitive to everything going on in society, and it’s unacceptable. I will not be doing anything with Oklahoma State until things CHANGE,” Hubbard tweeted on Monday.



This led to former and current players of Oklahoma State Amen Ogbongbemiga and Justice Hill to pile on the pressure of their coach until Oklahoma State president Burns Hargis condemned Gundy.


“I hear and respect the concerns expressed by our Black student-athletes. This is a time for unity of purpose to confront racial inequities and injustice. We will not tolerate insensitive behavior by anyone at Oklahoma State.”



Mike Gundy finally responded in a video with Chuba Hubbard claiming that change is coming.



Expect multiple apologies and large cash donations to Black Lives Matter in the near future as the United States enters its final days.



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