And Then They Came For Sports…

Remember when you would watch a football game and the only thing you had to be socially conscious about was the final score?

Remember when you could watch an NBA game without having to deal with the league players labeling you a disgusting racist?

Remember when the biggest problem with baseball was 250-pound men on steroids hitting the ball 500 feet out of the park?

Remember when you could watch ESPN for hours during the day to escape from current events?

Well, you can’t now…because sports is dead.

What has taken its place is a political theater that Vegas still allows you to bet on…so basically politics.

In the United States, sports used to be the last resort for men to enjoy a few hours of peace and entertainment as a break from their everyday lives.

In the escape of professional sports, men and women would come together to show pride in their cities whether they were historic winners like the New York Yankees or habitual losers like the Cleveland Browns. When the game got underway, no matter what side of the political compass you were on, we were all on the same team for at least three hours of the day and nothing could change that.

Except we did. We are no longer together because Washington D.C. Politics has infected our sports. It has taken away our escape, it has taken away our togetherness, it has taken away the ability to enjoy, and that was the plan that whole time.

You can no longer cheer for your favorite athlete because he probably thinks you are a racist. You can no longer root for your favorite team because the head coach believes that people like you are what’s wrong with the country. You can no longer take your kids to a baseball game because they would rather pander to the LGBT community than your children. If by some miracle, your team finally wins the championship and gets invited to White House, they won’t go because they hate the person in the office and the person who put him here…you.

We live in a society where multi-millionaire athletes hate the country that they live in. They despise it. They will tell you how horrible and oppressive America is while continuing to cash in the eight-figure checks that being a professional athlete in America gives them, which is why everyone is now protesting the national anthem.

See you are no longer allowed to stand and be proud of the American national anthem because if you do, you are not in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, which means that you are racist, and you don’t want to be racist do you?

Kneeling during the anthem was a very divisive issue a few years back as Pro-American football fans did not support anthem protests and many of them stopped watching the sport. Well, that no longer matters because virtually every NFL player has committed to protesting the national anthem for the upcoming season and they aren’t the only ones.

The US Soccer team is now allowing anthem protests, players who represent the United States of America will now be protesting the country that they play for. A better form of protest would be to NOT play for America in the first place but the one thing that people who hate America love about the country is our currency. Even NASCAR is now allowing national anthem protests…NASCAR, the sport with the most right-leaning fanbase in America is now protesting the country.

Even the UK is now protesting THEIR national anthem in solidarity to Black Lives Matter…Britain, which is notorious for black Americans being gunned down by white police officers, will now protest in the face of the Queen…for reasons.

“Hey man, the protests are not about the flag or the country”

Well, that’s not what Colin Kaepernick said. The man who started all of this back in 2016 said the following:

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people and people of color.”

Kaepernick has NEVER backed off of this statement and still believes it to this day so the ones desperately that protests against the American National Anthem have nothing to do with the flag of the country is lying to your face. Because if communists never lied about their intentions, no one would ever listen to them.

You can’t even watch 24 hour sports networks without being beaten to death by the club of social justice. In the absence of sports due to COVID, ESPN has decided to focus on 24/7 coverage of race riots in the streets of America. This has caused the Disney owned network to bleed viewers and set a record low in viewership for the first time in 41 years. If people wanted to watch MSNBC, they would not be watching ESPN.

The NFL and the NBA are leading the charge of social justice, the NHL is leading the charge of white guilt, MLB is too busy people argue how much money players will get with no fans, and literally everyone else can’t play because of COVID.

Sports are dead, and its murderer is progressive politics.

Progressivism has killed sports, entertainment, social media, education, journalism, etc. The only question now is, how much more will you allow it to take before you have had enough?

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4 thoughts on “And Then They Came For Sports…

  1. I’ve already had enough of identity politics being shoved down my throat. Something like this is what will cause the Trump administration to investigate the companies and they’re potential corruption and hiring practices by hiring communists and Marxists.

  2. I hear ya, bro, and completely agree. I have been thinking about why this is happening. My theory, such as it is, follows: the event which seems to have upended American society is the home computer revolution and subsequent huge explosion of media bandwidth. The computer revolution made hundreds of new billionaires and tens of thousands of multi millionaires in a short time with little effort or struggle. Congress was investigating people like boy Gates early because Microsoft was pulling down a 20 percent profit (!) on selling operating system after operating system to a billion people world wide. Unlike the old robber barons, the billionaires like Gates, Jobs etc got rich nearly overnight with little effort other than occasionally stabbing their competition in the back because they were riding the tech wave. This has created a relatively large and powerful class of “elites” who have the politics they picked up from colleges that had just gone through the 1968 culture war. Now they have a giant internet/cable media machine to use their money to buy their “revolution”, which is essentially a nightmare to normal people. This is one reason why I agree with Bernie and the Indian that billionaires should be taxed at the same percentage as the middle class, even though I’m a conservative. I also believe the media needs a lot more “diversity”, something that could be achieved with a few threats involving copyright law.

    1. I have a theory myself. My theory is Barack Obama started this whole mess during his second term and even used it as a weapon against Donald Trump and anyone that voted and still supports him.

      1. Could be, but if so, he was aided and abetted by the media. As you recall, he was given an 8 year tongue bath by 90 percent of the press during his “scandal free” reign of error.

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