Drew Brees Triggers Colin Kaepernick Fans By Refusing To Endorse Anthem Protests

The Pro Kaepernick media went into meltdown mode on Wednesday after New Orleans  Saints Quarterback Drew Brees refused to change his stance on athletes kneeling to protest the national anthem of the United States.

In 2016, former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick began to protest the American national anthem which leads to numerous players protesting the anthem for years. The issue led to a great divide in the sports world as Kaepernick became a civil right icon for the left and became the center of division in sports for the right.

Brees spoke to Yahoo Finance on Wednesday and talked about how his views of the anthem protest differ from those of his teammates.

“I will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America or our country. Let me just tell what I see or what I feel when the national anthem is played and when I look at the flag of the United States. I envision my two grandfathers, who fought for this country during World War II, one in the Army and one in the Marine Corp. Both risking their lives to protect our country and to try to make our country and this world a better place. So every time I stand with my hand over my heart looking at that flag and singing the national anthem, that’s what I think about, and is everything right with our country right now? No, it is not. We still have a long way to go. But I think what you do by standing there and showing respect to the flag with your hand over your heart, is it shows unity. It shows that we are all in this together, we can all do better and that we are all part of the solution.”

After Brees made his comments…the social justice warriors of the sports world lost their s***.

Maximum Over-rustle

Progressive athletes and media personalities attacked Brees for calling the anthem protests anti-American…which is it.

Prominent Social Justice Warrior, Los Angeles Lakers star Lebron James was the loudest but not the only voice.

After Lebron commented…the salt mine began…

For years the media has desperately played a 3-4 defense trying to convince you that the people who have protested the National Anthem have not done it out of disdain for the country or the flag, yet they will be the first ones to tell you that this country has oppressed black people for centuries giving you no indication that they ever had any love or respect for America.

Due to the backlash from the media, Drew Bress is expected to officially apologize for his opinion in the next 24 hours. Apparently, national discourse means shut up and think like we think.


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