Journalists Demeaned Fans Who Wanted The Snyder Cut…They Lost

Three weeks ago, The Harley Quinn animated series mocked fans of the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement as misogynic neckbeards who couldn’t handle women on their television screens.

This sentiment was echoed by members of the media who stood against fans that refused to accept Joss Whedon’s Disney style version of Justice League and went as far as to claim that the Snyder cut didn’t exist.

After three years of fighting, Warner Bros is giving the fans what they want. Warner Media’s new streaming service HBO Max will release the long-awaited Zack Snyder’s original cut of the film in 2021. The studio is even investing 20-30 million dollars to polish Snyder’s vision.

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Snyder completed the majority of the Justice League film in 2016 but stepped away from post-production due to the death of his daughter. Warner Bros then brought in Joss Whedon of Marvel’s Avengers fame to finish the film. Joss’s version changed the tone to a more light-hearted comedic movie as seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This style did not please fans of Snyder or Justice League critics. Fans of Warner’s 500 million dollar bomb have demanded the original vision of the film be released and they are getting it.

This has upset members of the media very upset.

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Like many communist dictators, the progressive media are not fans of the people beneath them having an equal say in civil discourse. Whenever the plebs get out of line, their go-to outside of putting their detractors into the gulag is to demonize them.

Outlets such as Vanity Fair, ScreenRant, Collider, and Vulture wasted no time criticizing Warner Bros’s call to release the Synder Cut because the fans of this project are “toxic” and listening to people like this is “dangerous”. Scary right?

Much like the term “Toxic masculinity”, “Toxic fandoms” is a made-up word created in the last few years to represent to people who challenge pop culture narratives.

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If you didn’t love the 2016 Ghostbusters remake, you are part of the toxic fandom. If you have grown tired of Disney’s Star Wars obsession with girl power, you are part of the toxic fandom. If you took exception to any that has come out of the mouth of Brie Larson in the last five years, you are part of the toxic fandom.

When you are in the media class, you have the advantage and ability to control the narrative of a story and rewrite history in real-time.

The “Snyder Cult” as named by pompous media outlets represents the antithesis of the Disney superhero fan who hoots and hollers in the theater like they are at a theme park.

From Man of Steel to Batman vs Superman, critics and media outlets have spent years dogpiling on Snyder’s darker and realistic portrayals of the superhero genre as it is antithetical to the Disney MCU model of the humorous crowd engaging thrill rides.

Many fans of the DC Extended Universe felt that their films were getting an unfair shake in the eyes of the media when it comes to the way their films were treated in comparison to those of Marvel.

When legendary director Martin Scorsese made the comment that he didn’t view the MCU as cinema, he became subject to a months-long debate in defense of the Disney Superhero universe. Some journalists took harsh exceptions to Scorsese’s comments, taking it as far as criticizing the director’s entire filmography in order to defend their perception of the MCU.

But remember, it’s not toxic fandom when it comes from a shill media outlet.

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When the media complains or attacks someone’s character in order to induce change…that is not toxic because they have been chosen by the corporate overlords to have their opinion validated over everyone else’s (i.e. You).

But if you complain or attack someone’s character in order to induce change, you are the problem. If the studios decide to listen to you over them, then they are the problem.

Sorry, next time, get a job at Collider before thinking your opinion is in any way legitimate.

When fans complained about the original design for Sonic the Hedgehog movie, the studio decided that they were going to change the design to keep the fans happy. How dare a studio listen to those who spent money on their film over the people giving Jessica Jones Season 2 glowing reviews in order to be invited to the screening of Captain Marvel.

Studios are realizing that their financial future hinges on the happiness of their customers not the happiness of power-tripping pseudo-journalists. As the effects of the coronavirus outbreak look to change the entertainment business and how we consume it for the foreseeable future, strong consumer demand is more important now than it’s been since the 1960s.

Vanity Fair, ScreenRant, Collider, and Vulture are no longer the paragons of virtue when it comes to deciding what fans do and think. Kindly put, access media would be better if they…

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  1. These bloggers within the pop up sites need to understand that they’re the ones acting toxic and hostile. This is why they’re losing eyeballs because they keep repeating the same talking points since 2014/2015/2016.

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