As The S&P Downgrades Disney, Lucasfilm Doubles Down On More Female Led Star Wars Content

Walt Disney Co. has been downgraded by S&P Global Ratings on Thursday due to the impact the coronavirus outbreak has had on its parks business and content production.

Photo by Lucasfilm/Lucasfilm Ltd. – © 2019 and TM Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

S&P lowered Disney’s credit rating from A to A-.

With Disney’s cash cow in the Chinese market also in ruins due to the coronavirus outbreak, the outlook isn’t too great for the world’s largest entertainment company but that won’t stop them from creating more female led Star Wars films.

According to Variety, Disney and Lucasfilm are working on a new “female-centric” Star Wars series that will be run by Lesly Headland. Headland, who is creator of the Netflix series ‘Russian Doll’ as well as the former assistant to Harvey Weinstein, will be placed in charge of a Disney Plus series described as “female-centric” and will take place “in a different part of the Star Wars timeline than other projects.”

Headland has made comments in the past about supporting “diversity & inclusion” by making sure that white woman are doing their part to be “allies” to minorities in Hollywood.

According to Bounding Into Comics, Disney has furloughed hundreds of thousands of workers from their parks and entertainment offices. If the fears about Disney’s content production are genuine, considering the deteriorating relationship that Hollywood has with China, one would have to question whether the “force is female” approach to Star Wars is smart for the long term health of the franchise.



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2 thoughts on “As The S&P Downgrades Disney, Lucasfilm Doubles Down On More Female Led Star Wars Content

  1. I think it’s clear, Kathleen Kennedy has a grudge against men in general. That’s my believe.

  2. KK has always been an affirmative action hire and she knows it. The only place she can really excel by herself is in feminist activism. Hence …..

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