UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov is now claiming that the UFC 249 main event could still happen…if he knew where the show was.

The coronavirus outbreak has savaged the plans of UFC President Dana White who has desperately tried to save his latest PPV bout UFC 249 which was suppose to be headlined by Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson in Brooklyn on April 18.

The outbreak forced the card out of New York and now with a wave of government shutdown, White is struggling to find a location for the event with just two weeks left to go.

The champion Nurmagomedov was said to be stuck in his home country of Russia and unable to make the fight but the champ took to social media to claim he can still make the fight, he just needs to know where it is.

“Right now, if they give me location I can come out of Russia and go into any countries. U.S, Abu Dhabi, doesn’t matter I’m going to fight 100%. Just send me location. Everyday I send Dana White a message saying, Hey, where’s my location? This is not my mistake. There’s too much crazy stuff, too many questions, I don’t have an answer.” – Khabib said.

The state of UFC 249 at this moment is unknown as it does not have a main event or a location.

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