Marvel Comics Defecates On Stan Lee’s Legacy With Embarrassing Woke Comics

If you have followed #Comicsgate in the last four years, or have simply read a Marvel Comic since 2015, the announcement of Marvel’s ‘New Warriors’ shouldn’t surprise you because you saw this coming.

You had been fighting against this for years while progressive comic book editors and writers gave you the middle finger and continued to destroy a medium that had maintained it’s popularity since the days of World War II.

Last August, Joan Lee, the daugter of Stan Lee said this shortly after her father’s death:

“They have commoditized my father’s work and never shown him or his legacy any respect or decency.
In the end, no one could have treated my father worse than Marvel and Disney’s executives.”

In a matter of months, Joan was proven 100% correct.

Marvel executives never gave a damn of Stan Lee’s legacy, they only cared about hijacking what he spent decades dedicating his life too so they could take it over and reshape it in their image, a progressive image, a gender fluid image, a alt-sexuality image, a woke image.

This is Marvel in name only.

Marvel Studios

This week, Marvel Comics announced their latest lineups of superheroes. A lineup so pathetically woke and progressive that the same people who have spent years destroying the comic book industry with woke garbage couldn’t defend it because the agenda was too blatant to deny.

Marvel introduced ‘The New Warriors’, a superhero team whose members include ‘Trailblazer’, an obese teenager girl with a magic backpack. ‘Screentime’, a superhero whose power comes from “experimental internet gas”. ‘B-Negative’, a Gothic queer vampire. Finally, ‘Safespace’ and ‘Snowflake’, two gender non-binary twins who will go by the pronouns ‘they/them’.

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What the hell is this you ask?

It’s the final stage of a corporate takeover designed by those committed to shaping the world in their worldview. The introduction of these ‘New Warriors’ isn’t even the most disrespectful thing Marvel has produced in the last few years.

Marvel has put in years destroying almost every popular character under it’s banner in the name of social justice. This is the same outlet that turned Captain American into a Nazi and forced him to denounced his country because of Trump.

Marvel Studios

Turning characters like Iceman gay for the sake of “representation” and have recently teased doing the same to characters like Wolverine and Cyclops.

They retcon Ms. Marvel turning Carol Danvers into the ideal progressive feminist superhero then gave her old moniker to a Muslim teenager…progress.

This doesn’t even scratch the surface of characters who were race and gender swapped such as Falcon becoming the new Captain America, Thor becoming a woman, Hulk becoming an Asian teen, Ironman becoming a black woman, etc.

Marvel Studios

This is what progressive ideologues have been doing for years while everyone who called them out were labeled as racist, sexist, homophobes who are just upset their heroes aren’t white men anymore…this is the mindset of people who are trying to sell YOU comicbooks, this is why The New Warriors exist.

This is why America Chavez is getting yet another series after failing with multiple low selling comics over the years. America Chavez is not a superhero, she is a woman, she’s Hispanic, and she’s gay.

This is what passes for superheroes in 2020.

Marvel Studios

Long dead are the days of superheroes that engages it’s reader and inspires them to be something they aren’t. Kids will no longer grow up wanting to be Spiderman, Captain America, Ironman, and Wolverine.

No longer will readers be griped by such stories as House of M, Civil War, and Dark Phoenix which brought customers into the superhero universe and spiked their interest into other stories.

What Marvel Comics represents in 2020 is overweight blue haired feminists and their frail beta male allies creating characters who are reflections of themselves that are propped up against their societal enemies: bigotry, the patriarchy, and the norms of a happy western capitalist society.


Much like the Coronavirus, the virus of social justice looks to infect and kill as many hosts as it can reach. These people has taken a metaphorical dump on the legacy of Stan Lee who can only do jumping jacks in his grave while leeches strip the last bits of success from his corpse.

For five years, we have been trying to stop what Marvel Comics has become and no one listened. So enjoy your Snowflake and Safe Space comics, enjoy your progressive MCU films, and enjoy the death of the America comic book industry.

As Arthur Fleck said in Joker:

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6 thoughts on “Marvel Comics Defecates On Stan Lee’s Legacy With Embarrassing Woke Comics

  1. I was never a mainstream superhero comics fan, growing up or otherwise. What hooked me (yes, I’m old) on comics was the undergrounds of the late 60s and early 70s. Rand Holmes, Vaughn Bode, Richard Corbin, Spain, Wally Wood, Dan O’Neil and Robert Crumb were my version of Stan Lee. At the beginning, the comics were sold out of shopping carts on the San Francisco streets, then they found the head shops and small Sci-Fi oriented book shops. Mainly , you had to seek them out to find them. Finally after they had grown a readership they made it into the big distribution companies and onto the “adult” section of big city comics shops. The themes of those comics, some similar to today’s racial/gender stuff were propagated from a handful of truly original creators and producing something they personally believed in. It was bottom up art. Today’s SJW offerings are “top down” art being produced by giant media corporations and projected into your living room/comics stores by hypocritical elites who give you no choice. There is no originality whatsoever as they simply piggy back on someone else’s creation and demand respect.

    1. ahhhhhhh no. This has been going on since 2012 . Wuhan virus is just the basket the head of the already destroyed comics industry fell into…

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