Stephen King Embarrasses Himself Criticizing The Race & Gender Of Trump’s Coronavirus Team

Writer Stephen King took to twitter in order to do what most progressives do on social media and criticize something for being too white and too male. The problem is King’s criticism didn’t even hold up for 5 minutes before the writer embarrassed himself in front of his millions of followers.


King took to Twitter on Friday afternoon to complain about the lack of ‘diversity’ on President Donald Trump”s Coronavirus task team during his declaration of a National Emergency due to the outbreak.

King commented:

“Note that Trump’s coronavirus team is all male, all old, and all white.”

Within a matter of seconds, Twitter users notify King that there are not one but two women, Dr. Deborah Birx, one of the preeminent experts in infectious disease in the world as well as Seema Verma, administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services were both on stage behind Trump.

Realizing his gaffe, King quickly tried to backpedal on his statement:

“Whoops, there’s a woman there! My bad.”

Then in typical left-wing fashion, King doubled down by further criticizing old white men…like himself:

“Quite the parade of white men in ties, eh? the lady with the shawl looks so great compared to the rest of those bozos.”

In the middle of one of the most dangerous pandemics in world history according to experts, progressives are more worried about how many old white men are on the team trying to save lives than…actually trying to save lives.

Youtuber Mark Dice had the best response to King.

“I guess they should get some millennial gender non-conforming Instagram influencers on the team, hey Mr. King?”

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3 thoughts on “Stephen King Embarrasses Himself Criticizing The Race & Gender Of Trump’s Coronavirus Team

  1. Stephen King is such an idiot. Donald Trump is obviously hiring doctors based on experiences, NOT what they’re race and gender are(take note Hollywood).

  2. Lefties have no shame,so no chance of embarrassing themselves.
    Being an embarrassment, now that’s another thing.

  3. King is also an utter hypocrite for claiming that identity politics have no place in art.
    Or anywhere else, stevie.

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