Daniel Craig Confirms The New Woke Bond Film ‘No Time to Die’ To Tackle Trump & Brexit

Whether it’s Coronavirus fears or multi-million dollar progressive lectures, there are fewer reasons to leave the house and spend money on Hollywood blockbusters.


In a recent interview with GQ, James Bond star Daniel Craig told the magazine that the writers struggled not to bring up Trump and Brexit in the latest film but opted to do so anyway.

Craig tells GQ:

“We struggled to keep Trump out of this film,” Craig said. “But of course it is there. It’s always there, whether it’s Trump, or whether it’s Brexit, or whether it’s Russian interference on elections.”

Craig continued to slam United States President Trump and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson by explaining how he feels that ‘Bond’ is the anti-thesis of what their populist movement represents.

“There’s something I feel that Bond represents, someone who’s there, trying to do the job and doesn’t want any fucking publicity, and this is a joke because he drives a fucking Aston Martin and does all these ridiculous things. But these people exist.… It’s the ambulance service. I know it’s terribly kind of romantic. But they are people who are just getting on with it and saving people’s lives.”
“But that’s not the way the world works now. It’s about humiliating others to save one’s own skin. And it’s cowardly, it’s just fucking cowardly.” Craig said.

The public perception of No Time To Die has been marred by news reports of radical changes to the property in order to compromise to a feminist perspective.

Last Summer, initial reports that Captain Marvel actress Lashana Lynch was going to replace James Bond and become the first black and female 007 were hushed by the studio who backed off of those claims due to potential fan backlash.

Last November, Fleabag writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge confirmed she was brought in to help rewrite elements of the upcoming film to make sure it was current to today’s “MeToo era” standards. Waller-Bridge argued that Bond was still relevant and that “he needs to be true to this character” instead suggesting that it was the films themselves which had to grow and evolve, emphasizing “the important thing is that the film treats the women properly”


Producer Barbara Broccoli took it a step further to claim that the role of the “Bond Girls” has significantly changed for this film due to the #MeToo movement.

“#MeToo has influenced our culture, which is a great thing, so of course it’s going to influence everything we do on Bond,”

Internally, there has been a lot of concern regarding the potential box office returns of the film. With a production budget of 250 million dollars, the film’s release was delayed seven months to November 25th in the United States (November 12th in the UK) as the Coronavirus outbreak looks to greatly hurt the film’s profits, especially in the Chinese market. Internally, there was worry that if the film had released in April as scheduled, a weak United States and China turnout would have doomed the film to a massive financial loss for the studio.


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5 thoughts on “Daniel Craig Confirms The New Woke Bond Film ‘No Time to Die’ To Tackle Trump & Brexit

  1. RIP:
    Ghost Busters
    Star Wars
    Men in Black
    Charlie’s Angels
    Birds of Prey

    …..James Bond

    1. Exactly. We keep sending the message and they keep not getting the message. Guess like ROTS was the first Star Wars movie I opted to never see, This will be the first Bond film since my Parents took me to see Spy Who Loved Me that I will likely NEVER see. Goodbye Mr. Bond.

  2. Became a fan of Craig after Casino Royale. Now we learn he is a woke Socialist too stupid to realize he just turned off at least half of the James Bond supporters. I can quote every line of every James Bond movie. I might have to wait until this hit the $5 DVD bin at Walmart. Entertainers and athletes should just learn to shut up and do their jobs.

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