“Patriarchy Smashing” Birds Of Prey Officially The Lowest Grossing DCEU Film

Warner Bros’s Birds Of Prey is set to become the lowest-grossing DCEU film to date.

Warner Bros

As the theatrical release of the film slowly comes to an end, the film has grossed just north of 195 million dollars worldwide as of this writing.

That total puts the film 170 million dollars behind last year’s Shazam as the lowest grossing of the 8 DCEU films to date.

Film Box office gross
U.S. and Canada International Worldwide
Aquaman $335,061,807 $813,400,000 $1,148,461,807
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice $330,360,194 $543,274,725 $873,634,919
Wonder Woman $412,563,408 $409,283,604 $821,847,012
Suicide Squad $325,100,054 $421,746,840 $746,846,894
Man of Steel $291,045,518 $377,000,000 $668,045,518
Justice League $229,024,295 $428,900,000 $657,924,295
Shazam! $140,371,656 $225,600,000 $365,971,656
Birds of Prey $82,560,582 $113,200,000 $195,760,582

Birds of Prey needed at least 250 million worldwide to break even meaning the film is on track to lose the studio at least 50 million dollars, making it the biggest flop of the DCEU.

Warner Bros

Birds of Prey was heavily promoted as a feminist film going into its release and director Cathy Yan solidified that sentiment in an interview with The New Yorker.  Yan said that she made her Birds of Prey pitch to Warner Bros by playing a video reel of clips that would inspire women to “fight the patriarchy”.

“Like, scenes from ‘Bachelor’ proposals, the De Beers diamond commercial, Kim Kardashian’s vampire facial, Fox News anchors talking about women, Trump saying ‘Grab ’em by the p**** – stuff that might make a girl want to smash the patriarchy. After I showed the video, there was just silence.”

Warner Bros

Warner Bros moved forward with the project and now looks to lose millions in the process.



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8 thoughts on ““Patriarchy Smashing” Birds Of Prey Officially The Lowest Grossing DCEU Film

  1. Given the misandrist pitch for this movie I’m pretty sure this movie was never expected to make money. It was a sop to the Hollywood #metoo types while also operating as a reason to end such pandering. There’s now a solid reason to keep ideological feminist writers and directors away from big time movie production. The evidence is overwhelming that they always lose money.

    1. Feminism had nothing to do with the film disappointing. The truth is the film was released at a very bad time, the Coronavirus is the reason why this film and several films released around the same time did poorly at the box office. It may not have made the money Warner Bros. was hoping for but it did become the critical success they needed, if the film had received negative or mixed reviews and did poorly at the box office then WB would have freaked. The film is ranked the 3rd film in the DCEU to receive good reviews, right behind Shazam! and Wonder Woman. So don’t blame feminism or WB for BoP’s disappointment at the box office, blame the Coronavirus. I’m betting on WW84 to avenge Birds of Prey.

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