Spike Lee Lambasts Black Trump Supporters As Coons And House Negroes

Professional victim Spike Lee took to sports media today to cry about The New York Knicks not allowing him to use their special entrance at Madison Square Garden. What he didn’t talk about was his recent racial condemnation of black people who support Trump.

Last weekend, President Donald Trump invited African American supporters to the White House to celebrate the final day of Black History Month in the Oval Office.

A photo of prayer was taken and posted on social media by those who attended.

This caused director Spike Lee to attack the people in the photo by disparaging the White House guests as “House Negroes” and “Coons.”

Spike wrote:

“‘Massa, We Love You Massa. We Gonna Pray Fo’ You Massa.’ Singing- ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot’”

Spike would continue his attack in the comments, accusing the black supporters of engaging in “coonery and buffoonery.”

Black conservatives, libertarians, and independents are often accused of selling out their race for taking political stances that fall out of line with the mainstream Democrat party.

The dirty reality of racial politics in the black community sees any support of a non-democrat candidate as supporting white people over black people. This mentality has surrounded black people for decades and is the biggest reason why African American support of Democrats remains at 85% because other blacks won’t allow it to fall.

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Mainstream Democrats see no issue with this line of thinking as it often supports them and is encouraged by members of the media. CNN’s Don Lemon has often attacked black supporters of the president and bring black guests on his show to refer to them as clowns and sell-outs on his national televised cable news program.

While Spike Lee and many like him, live in the modern-day fantasy of fighting the white slave master, they are working hard keeping black people in the century-old thinking of “us vs them”. Whenever a black person begins to think that communism, government dependency, and open border policies have gotten black people nowhere since the 1960s (because it hasn’t), people like Lee will be there to shame them back into voting blue.

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Former Democrat President Lyndon B. Johnson once famously said: “I’ll Have Those Niggers Voting Democratic for 200 Years”.

We are a quarter of the way there and it looks like he was right.

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4 thoughts on “Spike Lee Lambasts Black Trump Supporters As Coons And House Negroes

  1. Spike Lee is a racist pig. Racist against his own race. Once again Spike Lee’s a pig.

  2. I can’t actually blame him for his comments. He knows his opportunities for future movie production would die the second he stopped supporting the Hollywood political culture.

  3. I support Trumps policies, for the most part, not his ‘color’, not his ‘whiteness’, not his this or that, just saying as a ‘B’ person myself, or so defined by society, I support Donald J Trumps policies, cause if I were President, many of his policies as far as Trade, fair trade, easing business regulations, strong military, tough on illegal immigration, and more, would also be what I’d be pushing.

    In reality, the most racist types I encounter are those who think that if you’re ‘black’, you have to have this ‘herd’ mentality, like a lemming, and if dare think as an independent ‘soul’, than here comes all the ugly name calling.

    As a ‘B’ person, I was raised around whites, and I’ll tell you this, the racism, prejudice, small mindedness I’ve experienced since living around ‘black areas’, well, even the Klan would be jealous.

    Black folks can be some of the most hateful, enraged, insensitive types on the planet, and that’s do to ‘internal damage’…and until deal with that internal damage, it will just get worse for some.

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