LetterBoxd Reinstates Society Reviews After Banning Us For Our Queen & Slim Review

Society Reviews have been reinstated on LetterBoxd.

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In an update to a story we wrote two weeks ago, LetterBoxd has overturned our ban after the site claimed that we had “several reviews” that violated terms of service for promoting what they called “hate and violence”.

Earlier this month, we were banned by the platform and had over 500+ reviews removed for which we can now confirm was a Letterboxd moderator’s objection to our Queen & Slim review that was written back in November of 2019. The full review, which you can read here yourself, allegedly violated the company’s TOS and we were removed from the platform without notice.

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After days of outlets such as HollywoodInToto, Geeks & Gamers, and Bounding Into Comics spotlighting our issues with the platform. Letterboxd silently reinstated our account but removed our Queen & Slim review which has 22 likes from the platform.

Given the fact this was our only review that was taken down, we can only assume that this was, in fact, the source of our initial removal. Letterboxd has yet to directly address the situation with us and has given us no explanation for the reason behind their change of heart.

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You can see all of our reviews except Queen & Slim on Letterboxd.

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