James Woods Returns To Twitter

For the first time in nearly a year, Actor and Conservative commentator James Woods has returned from his Twitter hiatus. Woods, last April, left the platform in response to the censorship of right-wing voices on the platform. Woods told The Daily Wire:

Twitter demanded that I rescind my tweet paraphrasing Emerson.
It now seems they have chosen to delete that tweet from my account without my permission. Until free speech is allowed on Twitter, I will not be permitted to participate in our democracy with my voice. As long as Jack Dorsey remains the coward he seems to be, my Twitter days are in the past. Woods returned to the platform late Thursday night taking a shot at Democrat congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

“I’ve tried so hard this past year to live without the wealth of knowledge available on Twitter, but this kind of blazing insight can be found nowhere else, so… I’m back!

I was on vacation awhile, avoiding the news. How’d the #Mueller thing work out? The #impeachment scam? Who won the #Iowa caucuses? Is #MichaelAvenatti still a contender for the Democratic nomination for President? How’s #JeffreyEpstein doing?


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3 thoughts on “James Woods Returns To Twitter

  1. Yay! James Woods is back . I would get up in the morning, pour a cup of coffee, light a smoke, and go straight to James’ tweets. Where he would make me laugh till I cried ,what a great way to start your day.

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