UPDATE 2: On February 12, 2020, LetterBoxd has reinstated our account.




Our Letterboxd page for Society Reviews has been removed without notice. As you see in the link provided all 500+ reviews posted on the site have been scrubbed clean and all links to our page and reviews are currently broken. Seeing how there was no notice of a violation of terms and service we are only led to believe that someone was not happy about the opinions and views towards certain films on a site that allegedly encourages the expression of opinion on the film. As all of our LetterBoxd exclusive reviews are sadly gone, Our four-year catalog of movie reviews remains right here on the main site. We hope to have more information for you on a later date.


UPDATE 1: Letterboxd has confirmed that our account has been deleted for the following reason according to them:



Your account was removed from our service because several of your reviews were in serious breach of our community policy.


You must not use the Service to promote, engage in or incite hate, violence, discrimination or intolerance, including based on race, age, gender, gender identity, ethnicity, religion, disability or sexual orientation.

Letterboxd Crew







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