Only CNN can call a man a Nazi for supporting a communist.

On Thursday, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders retweeted a video of popular podcaster and UFC color commenter Joe Rogan saying that he would likely vote for Sanders in the 2020 race. This caused progressives, communists, and their allies in the media to have a meltdown demanding that Sanders denounce Rogan. CNN, of course, took it a step further by associating Rogan with racism and transphobia due to his objection transgender men MMA being able to compete physically against women in competition.

The network wrote a hit piece with the byline:

“Bernie Sanders is facing a backlash from some Democrats after his campaign trumpeted an endorsement from comedian Joe Rogan, a popular podcast and YouTube talk show host with a history of making racist, homophobic and transphobic comments”

In the piece, CNN not only accuses Rogan of using the N Word with no context given (Seeing how Rogan is also a stand-up comedian), but they attempt to weaponize Rogan’s vocal objection of biological men fighting biological women in MMA and other combat sports as evidence of him being against the LGBT community.

They include a partial quote from Joe which reads:

“If you want to be a woman in the bedroom and, you know, you want to play house and all of that other sh-t and you feel like you have, your body is really a woman’s body trapped inside a man’s frame and so you got an operation, that’s all good in the hood,” Rogan said. “But you can’t fight chicks.”

Rogan goes into deeper detail about the issue of trans athleticism which CNN didn’t even attempt to cover in their smear job.

Progressives are also upset that Joe Rogan allows people of every political ideology on his show regardless if they are liberal or conservative. Most progressives are very against the idea that their political opponents should be allowed to speak and be allowed to discuss their ideas with other people thus see Joe Rogan as an enemy by allowing non-progressives on his show.

As the progressive left continues to smear Rogan as a monster, most people with an ounce of critical thinking can see right through the media’s tactics.

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