Social Media Roasts Maycee Barber’s Dad For His Poor Take Of Daughter’s UFC 246 Defeat

While Modafferi is riding the high of a big victory, there is one person who wasn't as impressed by her win...Maycee Barber’s father.

UFC 246 was home to one of the biggest vegas upsets in recent memory. Roxanne Modafferi (24-16, 3-3 UFC) scored a huge upset victory over up and coming fighter Maycee Barber (8-1, 3-1 UFC) when she scored a dominant unanimous decision victory as a 7 to 1 underdog.

During the fight, Barber tore her ACL and looks to be out of action for the next nine months. While Modafferi is riding the high of a big victory, there is one person who wasn’t as impressed by her win…Maycee Barber’s father.

Bucky Barber, the father of Maycee, took to social media to claim it was Maycee’s injury, not her opponent’s performance that led to her defeat.

“The work was in, the skill level at its peak, her only way of defeat is if bad luck kissed her on the cheek,” Barber wrote. “Ten seconds in a complete ACL tear turned the probable into the unlikely. Though she had her moments and showed more heart than most have ever witnessed, the night ended with a loss. However was it a loss? She was not beaten by a better skill set. She was beaten by one unfortunate step and turn of events. That is out of her control.”


“The victory we take from this is we now know we have the highest level of heart to match the highest level of skill in the game,” Barber continued. “I have seen how athletes react when this injury occurs. Very few stay standing let alone fight an MMA fight for 15 minutes and still survive. That is insane. She will be back stronger and more dominant than ever and we as a team could not be more proud. ‘The Future’ is real do not get confused with one step. The worst of luck smiles at us all! All we can do is smile back. She will see you all very soon. That which does not kill us makes us stronger. ‘The Future,’ Version 2.0 to be feared.”

When MMA Twitter read the post, they did what they do best, and roasted the fighter’s father over his terrible take.





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