Those who hate America will never fight to defend it.


Rapper/Actor Clifford Joseph Harris known by his rap name T.I. raised eyebrows after a baffling series of Instagram posts which not only targeted the United States of America but sided with Iran’s calls to kill American leaders.

Last week, The U.S. drone struck a Baghdad airport killing Qassim Suleimani, a top Iranian Commander. The attack drew ire from Democrats and Progressives claiming that it would lead to World War 3, a claim that was also made following recent conflicts with North Korea and Syria.

While many on the left have made a personal plea to Iran to avoid conflict, Rapper T.I. took it a step further. On Saturday, the rapper took to Instagram and posted a 10-month-old video of Iranian president, Ali Khamenei telling a room of Iranian soldiers that their infamous “Death To America” chants, which has been a staple of the region for decades, really means Death to President Trump, John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, and other American leaders.

Harris took to Instagram to not only agree with the supreme leader of Iran but then proceeded to bash America’s history of racism in defense of the state sponsor of terror.

Harris wrote:


Yep…Ummm-Hmmm…Exactly What HE Said‼️ Ain’t no Iranian never called me no Nigger,infested our communities wit dope & then locked us up for it,allowed the police to pull us over & gun us down with no accountability,or enslaved us and tried to act like da shit ain’t happen. So… as I pray for our soldiers…I’m also gon be praying for theirs. THIS AINT OUR WAR CHAMP!!! #DontStartShitWontBeShit #MAGAHatsAughtaGoFirst


The supreme leader claims in the video that “Death To America” only applies to Trump and his regime but Iran has used this chant for many years, including targeting the Obama administration before Trump, dispelling any notion that Iran only has hatred for Trump and not Americans in general as the video below shows.



If siding with a Iran’s call to kill Americans wasn’t bad enough, Harris would then follow up on his attack on America by claiming that the real evil is the KKK in America.

“Riddle Me This, How come America can go to other countries and wipe out evil people but can’t get rid of the KKK here”


T.I.’s posts were celebrated by multiple celebrities such as Jamie Foxx and Omar Epps along with various Hollywood musicians. Numerous left-wing celebrities such as Rose McGowan have been criticized for their recent public statements seemingly siding with the hostile foreign nation. However, showing pure disdain for America and agreeing with foreign calls to kill American leaders including the President of the United States looks to be a new low that may not be topped.



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