Henry Cavill Pushes Back On The Idea Of “Toxic Fanbases”

During a recent interview for the upcoming Netflix show, The Witcher, Superman actor Henry Cavill took a question about toxic fanbases and defended what he called “passionate” fans.

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As first reported by Bounding Into Comics, Cavill sat down with Jake’s Takes, host Jake Hamilton who asked a question to regards toxic superhero fanbases in what was seemingly a reference to the Captain Marvel backlash from earlier in the year. He states:

Hamilton says:

“There’s something really interesting with this character that I find fascinating, which is that he genuinely really does just want to do the right thing. But everywhere he goes, whether its a new town or a new bar, people just kind of  give him a hard time and they rag on him despite the fact that he has great intentions. I’m curious if that’s comparable to this sort of world, this culture of toxic fandom, where like if you make a movie especially if you make a superhero movie, you have great intentions, but there are always going to be a small, yet vocal group of people that can kind of just be toxic.”

Instead of taking the bait to attack fans of certain properties, Cavill offered a much different perspective. Cahill responded:

“I understand what you are saying, but when it comes to fans, it is a fan’s right to have whatever opinion they want to have.”

“People are going to be upset especially when you are talking about books or games because you are never going to be the exact person who they had in their head or who they played in Witcher 3 for example. I don’t necessarily consider that toxic; I just consider that passionate and it’s something that which I obviously had to come to terms with over the years.”

Cavill also addressed the support fan initiative to release Zack Synder cut of the 2017 film Justice League, a film he left halfway during filming due to the suicide of his daughter. The film was finished by director Joss Whedon and saw negative reviews as well as minimal box office success.

I have not seen any Snyder Cut. I don’t know if there’s anything that exists that is a Snyder Cut. I’m sure there’s footage out there which has probably been pieced together over the years. I’m always interested to see how stuff like that turns out, but that is very much a chapter of my past. I’d rather talk about what is gonna happen in the future. The future of Superman, how I can express that character from the comic books…

The Witcher will be released on Netflix on December 20th.

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