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Man Hating Charlie’s Angels Reboot Bombs At The Box Office. Posied To Lose Millions

The film bombed in the US and in China.

Elizabeth Banks’s misandrist revenge film disguised as a feminist action movie couldn’t find an audience with men or women this weekend. Sony’s woke action-comedy Charlie’s Angels tanked at the box office this weekend with a mere $8.6 million from 3,452 venues in the US, landing it in third place. The film banked on young angry women to be its target audience and it failed. The film also bombed in China making it’s international haul 27.9 million dollars meaning the film is unlikely to recoup it’s 55 million dollar production budget along with an undisclosed marketing budget.



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  1. I think of the Charlies Angels 3rd wave feminist remake as the fee the studios had to pay in order to field two “man loving” movies during the Thanksgiving movie season.The first being the best Star Wars movie since the prequels – aka “Midway” and the second being all about (American!) men running giant manufacturing companies and creating ultra cool racing cars. Boy howdy! My theory also explains the relatively tiny budget for CA.

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