MLS Reverses Ban On Antifa Flags At Games, Besty Ross Flag Still Banned

MLS has reversed their decision to ban ANTIFA supporting flags from soccer games after intense pressure of fans in the Portland and Seattle area.

As reported by MyNorthWest out of Seattle, Washington. MLS has reversed their decision to ban ANTIFA supporting flags from soccer games after intense pressure of fans in the Portland and Seattle area. Both sides met last Thursday in Las Vegas to find a resolution. An additional conference call was held Tuesday afternoon.

MLS President and Deputy Commissioner Mark Abbott said in a statement the league would also form a working group, including representatives from the league, its clubs, the ISC and the supporters’ groups, to re-examine the code of conduct going forward.

“This working group will include representatives from the league office and clubs and work collaboratively with leaders of club supporter groups and a cross-section of diversity and inclusion experts,” Abbott said.

The supporters’ groups also issued a statement.

“The Independent Supporters Council and supporter groups for the Portland Timbers and Seattle Sounders FC acknowledge the league’s willingness to discuss these complex issues, as well as the league’s affirmation of its long-time opposition to racism, fascism, white supremacy, white nationalism and homophobia,” the statement said. “We appreciate Major League Soccer’s willingness to engage, listen, and learn. We look forward to continuing the dialogue, moving away from direct action in the stands on this issue, and instead focusing our energy on making progress around the table.”

Earlier this month, Real Salt Lake has confirmed that they have banned the Besty Ross US flag citing that the flag has become a “symbol for hate groups”. A Utah couple, who were in attendance at a Real Salt Lake game said they were told by stadium officials to put away their Betsy Ross flag because the original flag of the American Revolution is a “symbol for hate groups.”

Real Salt Lake Chief Business Officer Andy Carroll told Fox News:

“Recently, and very controversially as well as surprising to us, the Colonial flag has been adopted as a symbol for hate groups,”
“Any controversial flags or other similar banners or signs with symbols of hatred, divisiveness and/or intolerance whether intentional or otherwise will not be permitted in our stadiums. Period.”

No word on if that flag will be allowed as well.



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  1. The first person who is beat up by the Antifa goons should sue the league. I doubt it will end up being just one person getting beat up in any case.


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