While members of the media continue their meltdown over Dave Chappelle’s comedy special because he made some jokes about the LGBT community, there is one film that they are standing up to applaud. Not because of the film’s quality, because it is attacking the one thing they hate the most, Trump voters.

Rian Johnson’s first movie since Star Wars The Last Jedi looks to be even more divisive than the last one. Knives Out is receiving universal praise from the media because according to them, the film is a takedown of Trump Voters and ‘white privilege’. The film currently is sitting at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes with critics at the Toronto International Film Festival gushing about the film’s shared hatred for Trump and his voters. Blue checkmarks from all over major media outlets took to social media to praise the movie for sticking it to Trump’s base.







Many actors involved with the film also hate Trump and his voters such as Chris Evans who has opened attacked Trump on many occasions and has stated that he could not be friends with a Trump supporter. Actor Michael Shannon took his hate a step further by flat out telling Trump voters to die. Knives Out is being advertised as a 40 million dollar ‘fuck you’ to the 62 million people who voted for Trump in 2016, I guess the only way to return the favor is to re-elect him in 2020.




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