Sports Journalists Attacks Major League Soccer For Not Allowing ANTIFA Propaganda At Games

According to the left and their pals in the media, any outlet that can be used to further their agenda is a good thing and should be encouraged. However, if your politics don’t match theirs, doing so could be viewed as fascist, at least that is the narrative being pushed by the sports media.

Eli Rosenberg of the Washington Post was one of many left-wing outlets that were not happy with a recent ruling by Major League Soccer which bans their supporters from displaying political signs at its games (with the exception being the LGBT flag). This does not sit well with the media because the flags that were banned where Antifa endorsed flags that started popping up at Portland and Seattle MLS games. The media has tried their hardest to polish ANTIFA as a noble organization by telling you what they are against while not telling you what they are for. ANTIFA are violent Neo-Communist revolutionaries who claim to fight against Fascism and Racism but they also are extremely anti-American and other western nations which they believe breeds racism and fascism.

On Aug. 23, fans of the visiting Seattle Sounders and the Timbers remained silent for 33 minutes (denoting the year 1933, which marks the creation of the symbol by anti-fascists during Nazi Germany). Rosenberg and others then proceeded to write articles condemning the league for not allowing ANTIFA propaganda at sporting events. First Rosenberg claims that sports have always been ‘political’ because American sports allows the national anthem before the game is played.


U.S. soccer fans are becoming more political, like counterparts in Europe and South America, where fan clubs are “aligned with local political groups, unions and causes — socialist-aligned clubs and others that lean toward right-wing politics, or even overt fascism. All of which run against the deeply American notion that sports should be free from politics, despite the national anthem before the game, the military jets flying overheard, the overt displays of nationalism and patriotism.

Claiming that the American National Anthem or honoring members of the country’s military is a “political statement” is a common excuse used by activists who defended Colin Kapernick (a sports figure who has supported neo-communist views himself) in an effort to defend his divisive protest of America and its national anthem.

The Washington Post wasn’t the only outlet to take objection to the condemnation of the “anti-fascist” movement. Abe Asher of the Portland Mercury, says if fans don’t like politics with their sports, they should stay home:

You either allow anti-fascist imagery or you don’t, but either decision speaks volumes about the values and priorities of your organization. If certain other supporters are uncomfortable with anti-fascist displays in stadiums, they should take a hard look at where exactly their discomfort stems from or find somewhere else to spend their time.”

Luis Paez-Pumar, of Deadspin, writes his support of ANTIFA by once again telling you what they are against and not what they are for:

“It’s a depressing commentary on our current national moment that signs stating opposition to gun violence, fascism, and racism are deemed ‘political’— scare quotes because whenever someone decries something for being ‘political’ they rarely mean it literally, since anything and everything can be political. …

Paez-Pumar even goes as far to claim that Major League Soccer is courting white supremacists by not allowing ANTIFA groups to speak out against the Nazis at MLS games. Now there is absolutely 0 evidence to support that neo-nazis even attend soccer games or care about the sport as a whole but the takeaway here is that the only way you could possibly not support ANTIFA and their communist efforts, well of course, you must be a Nazi yourself. With that logic, you understand why Major League Soccer doesn’t even want to entertain this nonsense at their games.


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4 thoughts on “Sports Journalists Attacks Major League Soccer For Not Allowing ANTIFA Propaganda At Games

  1. I can understand Antifa’s point. As an anti-American organization they would be heavily drawn to the anti-American sport of soccer. Soccer is a sport where you do not have the liberty of using the most human of organs, the dexterous human hands. Only two “elite” gatekeepers at the end of the field are allowed that privilege. It is a sport most enjoyed by the most authoritarian countries in the world where it’s symbolism is a life lesson to their people – you can not use your best and fullest talents because you are not one of the elite.

  2. More proof that these “sports journalists” are the ones acting like dictators, NOT Donald Trump. #ForceOutSJWs

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