If you listen to the progressive left, their fight for ‘equality’ is simply an effort to put women on equal footing with men. Whether you believe their intentions are genuine or not, the only area where men and women cannot be equal is in the field of sports. Whether it is combat sports or competition, there is a reason the genders are separated. The result would not be pretty for a group in particular: women. However, progressives are refusing to accept this reality which has led to biological men competing and dominating biological women in individual sports. Now we have another push to blur the lines between gender by inserting women into the male-dominated sport known as the NFL.

Last week, U.S. soccer star Carli Lloyd made sports headlines when she attended a Philadelphia Eagles practice and made a 55-yard field goal. The video made people ask, could Lloyd actually become a kicker in the NFL? While most took the question in jest, many members of the sports media took the question seriously, and suddenly there was a real push to put Lloyd on an NFL team. Lloyd, a 38-year-old female that made one kick with no pressure, no wind, no defensive line, no two-step approach (which is required in the NFL), and no pads overnight becomes the biggest prospect in the league.

Sports media pundits on outlets like ESPN and NBC supported the idea of putting a female kicker in the league citing reasons such as “well, if she can make a field goal like the men, then why not?”

The question of whether there will be a female in the NFL became less of a hypothetical and more of an eventuality. The narrative quickly spread that as long as a female can kick, then there should be no problem with accepting the idea, but there is a problem. Whether by ignorance or agenda, the idea that a kicker in the NFL will “only attempt field goals” is a dangerous misconception for any woman who decides to pursue this act of equality. Kickers in the NFL are crucial special teams, players who are involved in field goals, extra points, kick off returns, trick plays, and in emergency situations punting. There is far more to the position than just standing there and kicking a ball.

The average NFL Kicker is at least twice the size of athletes like Lloyd and even those guys are not fully use to the punishment of the position. It’s a position where no one expects to get hit, but things go wrong all the time. There could be a bad snap, leaving you at the mercy of multiple 250 pounds defenders barreling down on you at full speed. The kick could be blocked, leaving the kicker in a position to defend or scramble for the ball, which could be a very dangerous position for a 40-year-old 140-pound woman. In special teams situations, the returner could break free leaving you in a one vs one situation to stop a player from scoring. Those outcomes NEVER end well for the kicker and here you are injecting someone who is physically smaller and weaker than any other kicker in the league. The league has tried to cut down on special teams plays for the sole fact that kickoffs are the hardest hitting plays in the game leaving multiple players suitable for concussions and other major injuries.

The people pushing the idea of a female in the NFL only look at it from the surface level of a woman being a hero by playing in a man’s league. They won’t even ask how a woman would fit in a locker room full of men, to begin with. They don’t entertain the idea of the female tearing ligaments and being injured for the rest of the season (or Career). They don’t entertain the idea that women simply are not as durable as men and that a big hit could lead to serious issues with CTE later in life. They don’t even entertain the idea that a woman’s quality of life could be destroyed in one play all for the sake of achieving progressive virtue.

A majority of former players have come out and sided against the idea, citing the potential of danger putting a woman in a man’s sport is too high, but that will not stop progressives and their allies in the media who will just label detractors as sexist for not being all-in on the idea. Lloyd has stated that even she is not ready to be a full-time kicker in the league citing that she still has to learn the technique (of you know, actually kicking the ball which is the entire job of her position) but of course, that will not stop the media from marrying the idea of a woman smashing the land of ‘toxic masculinity’ no matter what the cost to the woman actually is.



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