Did you watch the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards? Probably not, seeing how the show set a new record low despite being on multiple channels. But one person who did watch the show was not happy about what she saw because the host of this year’s show Sebastian Maniscalco, destroyed her ‘safe space’. Maniscalco hosted the 2019 MTV VMA Awards and angered progressives by poking fun at ‘safe spaces’.


“If you feel triggered or offended they’re providing a safe space backstage where you’ll get some stress balls and a blankie. Personally, I would remove you from the arena, put you in a car and send you home.”


The uber progressive crowd looked shocked and horrified at the jokes because making fun of the left simply isn’t funny even if you are on the left yourself. Maniscalco also said if nominees got upset when they didn’t win an award, MTV wasn’t giving out “participation ribbons” and they needed to “work harder” next year.

The routine was pretty mild but it obviously rubbed some people the wrong way. In a guest column entitled Dear Sebastian Maniscalco: MTV’s VMAs Were a Safe Space Until You Took the Stage (Oof), Eleuthera Lisch who is an advocate for social justice, wrote a piece in Variety in which she attacks the VMA host for telling jokes that ruined her safe space. Lisch claims that Maniscalco jokes mocking those who need safe spaces (like Lisch) actually caused her to lose sleep. She writes:


I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about the show, specifically a series of jokes you made about “safe spaces for people feeling triggered,” available backstage “where you can get a stress ball and a blankie” before suggesting that if you had it your way, people would be sent home if they felt unsafe at the show. Your opening monologue blew my phone up; People from all over texting me footage of your comments. Pained messages of how callous and obtuse your words felt. How tone deaf, mocking and unnecessarily unkind. And how damaging, given the amazing platform and reach of the MTV tentpole. This was unsettling for many reasons, not least of which is cheapening of the platform that is the VMA stage.


Lisch then proceeds to lecture the reader about the importance of safe spaces comparing members of the LGBT to war veterans:


Survivors of shootings get triggered. Vets get triggered. Kids get triggered. Assault survivors get triggered in spaces where substance use is high and inhibitions are lowered. Flashbacks and overdoses happen. Queer folx, people of color, people with disabilities and women in general are all at a higher risk than you can ever possibly know. People of all genders, sizes, colors, nationalities, religions and political values have come to us for help. I’ve spent a lifetime so far doing the research for you and I promise: Safe spaces are necessary.


The entire piece can be described in one gif.


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