Disney Plus Ms. Marvel Writer Bisha K. Ali Deletes 5,000 Tweets Prior The Announcement

Last weekend, Disney announced a laundry list of superhero characters they plan on bringing to their new streaming service Disney+ in the coming months. One of those characters happens to be the Kamala Khan version of Ms. Marvel. Ms. Marvel was rebooted years ago, from the sultry Carol Danvers to Muslim teenager Kamala Khan. The character is more celebrated for its representation than her feats so it’s no surprise Disney was eager to make a series about it. However, it seems like the person in charge of the new project has a few skeletons in their closet that someone is trying to hide.

British writer Bisha K. Ali is set to write the Disney series and act as showrunner. A quick look at Ali’s Twitter page shows that she is a progressive feminist but when the announcement started making waves on the internet, it turns out that Ali had locked out all of her social media accounts and began deleted thousands of posts…five thousand to be exact.

Washington Times writer Douglas Ernst was the first to notice that something was wrong with this picture. With a little help from his Twitter followers, they discovered that some of the tweets that Ali had scrubbed involved her ranting fascist and racists. Many of her posts directly call the United States and The United Kingdom racist. Numerous screenshots were taken which shows some of Ali’s deleted views that someone thought would drive people away from the new series.


There was also evidence to suggest that many of Ali’s posts attacked white people as the responses to her deleted tweets attacked whites as well. A twitter user later confirmed that Ali indeed deleted thousands of tweets prior to the announcement showing that damage control was done to prevent any blowback on the company.

Does Disney have another James Gunn situation on their hands?


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6 thoughts on “Disney Plus Ms. Marvel Writer Bisha K. Ali Deletes 5,000 Tweets Prior The Announcement

  1. “Not letting brown children in”

    I hope to fuck she doesn’t mean Shanima Begum’s child. She was a fucking IS member.

  2. So I followed her. I beleive she is high on white genocide like GR. Marvel comics highered someone who openly admitted they hate the white skin color with exssseivr passion and anyone who is a conservative. I want to see bishias remarks. After BW director shang chis actor and america chavez’s its not fair to hide their agenda

  3. Wow the stupid jumped out. Nothing she said seems to be at all an issue. Like unless you show me some actually racist tweets you just sound dumb. Where is the racism? I see no white people hate. She was expressing her own political views about racism in the western world, and has every right to do so. But now that her career is advancing and she is gonna be more in the public eye, it only makes sense to publically be politically neutral. A responsible decision. It isn’t about hiding some non existent skeletons dumbasses. She’s just having a fresh start. Man people are petty sometimes. Y’all need to get a life.

    1. She openly used #whitegenocide multiple times and called for assaults on politicians.
      You consider that acceptable?
      She did not delete 5,000 posts for a “fresh start”; she did it to cover up all the vile things she had written and still believes.

      She is a hateful, hypocritical bigot (who also happens to be a crap writer).
      While you might not have a problem with that, decent human beings do.

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