Is Joan Lee Right About Marvel Disrespecting Her Father’s Legacy?

There has been a lot of bombshells dropped in the last 48 hours regarding Marvel and the future of their superhero films under the Disney brand but there was a very interesting comment made by the daughter of Stan Lee recently that has a lot of people talking and it isn’t the comment that you are thinking of.

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In the last couple of days, Sony announced that they were walking away from their partnership with Disney and Marvel Studios. The agreement allowed Marvel Studios to produce Spiderman films, which Sony owns the film rights to, and feature him within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, when Disney wanted 50% of the film profits, an 45% increase of what they currently receive, Sony backed out of the deal. Disney also receives 100% of the film’s merchandising as well as 100% of the profits of the Avengers films that feature the character.

The fallout has produced intense fan reactions by people who have become emotionally attached to the MCU portrayal of Tom Holland’s Spiderman. One of the biggest figures to comment on the situation is the daughter of the late Stan Lee himself, Joan. On Thursday, Joan Lee made some shocking comments to TMZ about how Disney treated the late comic book legend including the accusation that nobody from Disney even contacted her when her father died last November. Lee made a lot of explosive comments but the one that stuck out was a comment about Disney disrespecting her father’s legacy.

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Lee states:

“When my father died, no one from Marvel or Disney reached out to me. From day one, they have commoditized my father’s work and never shown him or his legacy any respect or decency.”
“In the end, no one could have treated my father worse than Marvel and Disney’s executives.”

Now you can take her comments about Marvel many different ways, but if you are someone who has been paying attention to politicization of Marvel Comics, you have to sit back, reflect, and ask yourself “Is she right?”

If you have followed #comicsgate then you already know where this article is going. There has been a civil war in the comic book industry in the last five years and while Marvel isn’t the only company at the center, they are the biggest dog in that yard. For years, Marvel Comics have become a home for progressive social activists who have used Stan Lee’s characters and his brand to push their own political and social views. By doing so, these people have taken Stan Lee’s characters and reshaped them in a direction that doesn’t respect or honor what Stan created.

Marvel Studios

Youtuber Diversity & Comics has been one of the earliest and longest-running figures exposing the politicization of Marvel Comics. Over the years, we have seen such events like Captain America becoming a Nazi and joining Hydra despite his long-standing history against Nazism. In recent issues, the character has denounced his country because the president has become “a Russian agent”. We have seen characters like The Punisher have their history rewritten so that he was viewed as a coward who used his family as human shields instead of someone who almost died protecting them. We have seen characters like Ms. Marvel retconned and changed to a degree that rewrites her legacy and the legacy of the original Captain Marvel in order to fit a more ‘progressive world view’.

Multiple characters have had their race or gender changed in an effort to display ‘diversity’ in the eyes of the public. Nick Fury was changed to be black, Thor was rewritten to be a woman, Captain America is now a black man, Ms. Marvel is now Muslim, Ironman is now a black woman, Iron Patriot is now Asian & lesbian, etc. Instead of utilizing the hundreds of minority characters that were already created by Lee and Kirby, Marvel decides to repeal and replace already established characters and screw up their continuity for the sake of scoring woke points.


The Spiderman MCU films that have been the subject of intense debate recently, have seen just about all of their characters tokenized into new diverse versions of the originals such as “MJ” and Flash Thompson. Not only has Marvel Comics/Disney gone out of their way to change the legacy of so many iconic characters but they have publicly attacked anyone who has called them out on it, manly their own fans.

Stan Lee himself once stated that if he ever tackled a social issue, that he would underlie it in the plot and he would never beat the readers over the head with it. The Marvel Comics writers of today do not believe in this ideology. Readers have been attacked as racists, sexists, and worse for daring to challenge the political dogma of writers trying to sell them comics. Marvel writers have taken the clout that Lee spent decades to build and are using it to serve their own agendas while the industry has suffered as a whole.


With everything that we know and have seen over the years, do you agree with Joan’s assessment that Marvel has disrespected Stan’s legacy for the sake of their own agenda? There is certainly evidence to support it, If Disney didn’t even have the decency to contact the daughter of the man who is responsible for the wealth and fortune they enjoy following his death, what respect for his work and his fans do you expect them to have?

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