TLDR Version: A bunch of progressive millionaire comedians has teamed up to create a feminist ‘comedy’ video to attack the wage gap or the patriarchy or something…I dunno.


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Comedians Maya Rudolph, Fred Armisen, John Mulaney, Sarah Silverman, Margaret Cho, a bunch of nameless people from Orange Is the New Black and others dish “funny one-liners” about a serious topic: gender equality.


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The stars go on for 5 minutes checking off every progressive Marxist talking point about how men are oppressing women in 2019 and how scary it is that men are going to continue to oppress women for the next 208 years. Shocker, the video wasn’t well-received as the comments have been disabled. The video is not only a response to the World Economic Forum’s projection that the forever debunked gender gap will not be “closed” for another 208 years but the video is also supposed to be a comedy.



The Equality Can’t Wait campaign was launched by philanthropist Melinda Gates whose campaign is described as an incentive to shake up a public conversation that is frequently frustrating…to progressive women and male feminists.


“I think comedians can sometimes speak the truth to society about the things that are truly going on and that we don’t want to face,” Gates told The Hollywood Reporter. “By bringing humor they…open people’s eyes, but they also hit you squarely between the eyes.”


Ironically, the video ENCOURAGES conversation about feminism but the comments of the video itself are disabled preventing conservation.  So if you are sitting in a movie theater watching a comedy that is about as funny as watching a child with cancer get hit by a truck and die…just remember, these are the people responsible for those films.



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