Neil deGrasse Tyson Forced To Apologize For Not Fueling Left-Wing Gun-Grabbing Hysteria

Another day, another celebrity forced to apologize for disagreeing with the left-wing outrage mob. Celebrity astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, angered leftists on Sunday when he compared the death toll in this weekend’s mass shootings to the average number of lives lost to the flu, medical errors and car accidents in a 48-hour period.


Tyson wrote:

In the past 48hrs, the USA horrifically lost 34 people to mass shootings.

On average, across any 48hrs, we also lose…

500 to Medical errors
300 to the Flu
250 to Suicide
200 to Car Accidents
40 to Homicide via Handgun

Often our emotions respond more to spectacle than to data.

This tweet immediately enraged the left who were more focused on blaming republicans and shaming gun owners before the death tolls were even confirmed. But of course, in the face of being in the right, much like Mario Lopez, Tyson apologized to the mob.

“My intent with the tweet was to offer objectively true information that might help shape conversations and reactions to preventable ways we die. Where I miscalculated was that I genuinely believed the tweet would be helpful to anyone trying to save lives in America. What I learned from the range of reactions is that for many people, some information my tweet in particular can be true but unhelpful, especially at a time when many people are either still in shock, or trying to heal or both, So if you are one of those people, I apologize for not knowing in advance what effect my Tweet could have on you.” he wrote.

Despite his apology as Huffington Post pointed out, many on the left were still angered with him anyway, many of those accusing him of continuing to downplay the role gun violence played in both massacres.

“The depth of your reflection in this note is offensively shallow,” one person wrote in a Facebook comment.

“You used data to draw a false equivalence with unfathomably hurtful timing, and your arrogance has you doubling down with ‘true but unhelpful.’ Why even bother with a note?”

Another person commented: “I think the point you miss, is there are laws, regulations, and programs trying to minimize those preventable deaths. There is little being done to minimize mass shootings.”  

This is why you NEVER apologize to an angry mob.


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2 thoughts on “Neil deGrasse Tyson Forced To Apologize For Not Fueling Left-Wing Gun-Grabbing Hysteria

  1. The outrage mob don’t care about an apology. They only care about they’re agenda and seeing weakness.

  2. Lack of integrity, they name is Neil Degrasse Tyson. What does this say about his other “firmly believed” opinions?

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