Dear Idiots: Katherine Ryan’s Glitter Room (A Review Of The Reviews…Review)

So I watched five minutes of comedienne Katherine Ryan’s Netflix special Glitter Room, It’s basically intersectional feminist 101…0/5






Now onto the real humor that this special has generated…the reviews. The reviews of this comedy are FAR funnier than any joke told in 60 minutes so I decided to share them all with you and bask in its cringy depressing glory. These are real reviews posted by real people (mostly) so let’s get this show on the road.


Ellie: She does these hour-long stand-up specials in stiletto heels and it’s just such a power move because how’s a man in the audience gonna talk back to a woman who knows nothing of fear or pain

Yaas Queen Slay!!!

Matt: She kind of makes me want to be a 36-year-old single mother from Canada, but it’s pretty unlikely I’ll ever be at least two of those things.

Hopefully, you won’t be ANY of them…

Hannah Sitesfemale comedians are amazing because they can go from talking shit about men to fangirling over Anna Kendrick very quickly and that’s honestly the only content I really need to see

Symptoms include Sadness, tiredness, trouble focusing or concentrating, unhappiness, anger, loss of interest in pleasurable or fun activities…

DioniziaNever heard of Katherine before but after watching this, we are engaged to be married and YES she will be moving me in bc I am not a WHAT? A man.

See the source image

Ina: oh my god I want to be a 35-year-old financially stable single woman too!

You know you need a man to have a child right?…

Andrea g.: Post-mental breakdown watch. 100% recommend this if you are absolutely Going Through It; katherine ryan does more for mental health with her sex and céline dion jokes than any well trained therapist ever could!!!!!!!!

Yeah..don’t…don’t lose your therapist’s number…

Andrew Haynes“What kind of mother are you if you’re not willing to weaponize your pussy against the enemies of your children?”

A good one???

PauloI found someone who dislikes men more than me.

It’s like saving Peach from the final castle…

Morgan Ruoss: Was kinda annoyed by the “all men are trash” thing she has going on but she was still so fucking funny. (also I’m a lesbian I’m allowed to defend men)

Do I need a permit to defend men?



Georgia De SouzaKatherine Ryan comedy performance or a TedTalk on how MEN ARE TRASH

I’m glad to see this special is over with wine aunts and fur parents everywhere

dafnyI wanna be a 30 year old single mom wearing a shirt that is too confusing for men with a fancy british daughter

You guys realize you can save even more money but not having kids at all right? No one will object to this.

Sydney: Men are for holiday, not to keep in the house

You know what’s also not great for the house? Crippling suicidal depression

pham: I: trust one (1) white woman

But no more than one, let’s not get crazy here…

rosesilk: I hate men too!!!!! stand up comedy isn’t my thing but this was genuinely funny!!

I don’t like to laugh, but when I do, it’s because I hate the fucking patriarchy.

If there is one take away from this special, it is the downfall of western civilization is upon us…we had a good run. 

See the source image



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7 thoughts on “Dear Idiots: Katherine Ryan’s Glitter Room (A Review Of The Reviews…Review)

  1. Canceled Netflix a few weeks ago. Got an email today “Now is a good time to re-up your Netflix account”.

  2. Not sure why this reactionary trash was recommended by my Google news feed but I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again.

  3. Um, you thinking your pathetic hack job of commenting on poorly written reviews is in any way a reflection on Katherine’s talents and not your own complete lack of talent is the real real comedy here. In a way you’ve managed to craft meta comedy. If only it was on purpose…

  4. No, maybe the real downfall of Western Civilization is because journalists can no longer properly edit their take away (“taking away”) sentence.

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