YouTube Bans Soph’s Channel For ‘Hate Speech’



Popular YouTube creator Soph’s has seen her channel with nearly 1 million subscribers terminated from the platform on Thursday after taking down her second video on the grounds of ‘hate speech’. Soph, who is a 14-year-old Youtuber, released a video entitled “Pride and Prejudice” which mocked Pride Month and the LGBT community. Hours later, the video was removed and her account was terminated.

Soph made headlines back in May when her video entitled “Be Not Afraid”, which mocked Islam, was also taken down on the site. Youtube continues to ban and demonetize creators on the grounds of their ever-changing “Hate Speech” regulations. Soph is currently on Bitchute, a free speech platform where she has over 26,000 subscribers. The video that got her banned can be found below.



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2 thoughts on “YouTube Bans Soph’s Channel For ‘Hate Speech’

  1. Clearly “Soph” was going for getting herself YT banned. The vid was WAY outside of the YT “overton window”.Nice job helping to build up Bitchute kid. I don’t particularly agree with a lot of it, but that being said,
    IT WAS AWESOME!!! She’s also right about California. In my formerly conservative area, anti-child sexualization school board members were being de-elected by a combination of left wing activists and teachers union money.

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