Taylor Swift’s New Music Video Attacks Conservatives…Gets Slammed By Progressives

Taylor Swift’s latest attempt to slam the right wing and pander to the LGBT community has come under fire from the same people who she was trying to pander to in the first place. Welcome to the game, T-Swizzle.

On Monday, Swift released her latest music video for the single “You Need to Calm Down”, the video and song were supposed to be a rally of support of the LGBT community with a rainbow-themed trailer park and numerous cameos of gay celebrities. The video goes as far as taking a shot at conservatives by displaying a group of right-wing protestors (you know, the majority of people who bought tickets to her Reputation Stadium tour before she turned on them like Hulk Hogan at Bash at the Beach 96′) holding anti-gay signs with American Flags.

The music video did not win her digital high fives as Newsbusters shows, many left-wing and progressive friendly outlets called out Swift for her tone dear pandering.

 Vox: “A complicated example of Pride Month’s commodification,”

CosmopolitanComplained the music video “conforms to plenty of stereotypes about Pride,” and

Slate : “For many queer people celebrating Pride Month, it feels hopelessly, insultingly out of place.” Slate went on to blast the “cringeworthy” song as “a Teachable Moment About How Not to Be an Ally.” The article further accused Swift of “queer-baiting fans” with her current rainbow “aesthetic motif” and, even worse, she supposedly got people’s hopes up that she would come out as lesbian because she teased a big announcement to “lesbian news anchor Robin Roberts, then released the first single from Lover on Lesbian Visibility Day.”

Vice:  Called the song “pretty clueless” and claimed, “Filtering serious issues of advocacy through the prism of Swift’s bubblegum pop persona minimizes the subject matter.”

Esquire: “Equating online haters with the personal and societal struggle of LGBTQ+ people is, at best, tone deaf… And such a calculated move to leverage LGBTQ rights into her own image seems gross.”

The Atlantic: “The singer’s pro-gay single strangely compares her struggles with fame to more dangerous kinds of persecution. The fear for many queer people is less that allies might profit off them than that allies might change and defang what queerness means.” In other words, no straights allowed.

Esquire: “strangely both gay and sexless,”

If only there was someone to defend Taylor Swift from these politically motived attacks.

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2 thoughts on “Taylor Swift’s New Music Video Attacks Conservatives…Gets Slammed By Progressives

  1. Well what do you know. It didn’t end well for Taylor Swift. Moral of the story: never pander to SJWs/Progressive Activists. It will blow up in your face.

  2. Apparently things have changed since the “Dixie Chicks” went all “Bush is Hitler” and got embraced by Rolling Stone and the rest of the left media machine. The new brand of SJWs never forgive or forget your previous sins. Forgiveness is now on the “wrong side of history” along with Christianity and national pride.

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