NBA Players Are Triggered By The Word “Owner”…The League Complies By Removing It

Buckle up for this one…

TMZ is reporting that multiple NBA teams have had conversations about doing away with the term “owner” over the past year because the idea of a white men ‘owning’ players in a majority black league is triggering…yes.

Last year, on LeBron James’ talk show, The Shop, Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green was the first to raise ‘awareness’ on the issue.

“You shouldn’t say, owner,” Green said. Green added that owners should be called CEOs or majority shareholder, or some other term because it was insensitive to say a white man owns the labor of black men. Steve Ballmer, Owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, is now called the “Chairman” of the team to be more politically correct, and the Philadelphia 76ers now have “managing partners” instead of owners. Co-owners are called “limited partners.”

Back in 2017, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban spoke out against the idea of the term ‘owner’ being deemed ‘offensive’. Cuban who looks to be the only sane person in the room said this:

“For him to try to turn it into something it’s not is wrong,” Cuban told ESPN. “He owes the NBA an apology. I think he does, because to try to create some connotation that owning equity in a company that you busted your ass for is the equivalent of ownership in terms of people, that’s just wrong. That’s just wrong in every which way.
“People who read that message and misinterpret it—make it seem like we don’t do everything possible to help our players succeed and don’t care about their families and don’t care about their lives, like hopefully we do for all of our employees—that’s just wrong.”

Green responded to Cuban’s comments by bringing up the Charlottesville riots.

“When you look at Mark Cuban, for instance, with the whole equity thing — we all can own equity and that’s fine. But Mark Cuban will never know or understand how it feels for me, a young black African-American, to turn on the TV and see what happened in Charlottesville. He’ll never have that feeling.
“So, when I say, ‘Hey maybe we shouldn’t use that word,’ to be honest, I really don’t expect him to understand where I’m coming from because he’ll never feel what I feel when I turn on the TV and see however many people are taken down by the KKK or whatever group it was. He’ll never know that feeling that I have about that.
“And you can try to understand it, and he will still never understand it to the degree that I do. … It’s not to take a shot at the owners of these entities; it’s more so trying to help spark change to help others that may be similar to me, because he may feel the same way that I feel because I’m African-American.”

Now the league is taking action to remove the term owner from its listing. The NBA has taken more steps in the last few years become a more Progressive league in terms of politics and activism. Recently, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver expressed support for gender quotas and Black Lives Matter and directed negatives toward President Donald Trump’s policies. Silver said the NBA will not ‘police every tweet’ and he encouraged players to have political opinions about topics like President Donald Trump’s policies and Black Lives Matter ‘just like every other American’.

Before any of you look at this as a pending example of “Get Woke, Go Broke” it’s important to remember that the NBA’s fanbase tends to be the most liberal out of the four major US sports leagues (Major League Baseball, National Football League, National Hockey League) so injecting left-wing politics won’t have as big of a backlash for them as compared to the NFL. With that said, this year’s NBA finals are down nearly 20% from last year, mostly due to the fact Lebron James is not in the finals for the first time since 2010 as well as the fatigue of the most progressive team in the league, the Warriors who are favored to win their 4th title in 5 years this season.

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  1. The league is obviously being dominated by toxic blackness. It’s high time that the NBA adopts affirmative action such that the unfair racial imbalance, which can only be due to racial bigotry, is addressed. Every team should be at least 60 percent white and 16 percent Hispanic to meet racial quotas.

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