Dear Idiots: A Response To X-Men Dark Phoenix Pathetic Shot At Men

In 2019, it has become cool and causal to take shots at men because “feminism”. Before you start typing, we aren’t even discussing this ridiculous made up term “toxic masculinity” because that isn’t even what the film in question is discussing.

Twentieth Century Fox Film

X-Men: Dark Phoenix comes out this week and it is the last X-Men film before Disney gets their mitts on the franchise and drives it into the ground. Luckily for them, Disney will have to dig up some dirt to drive this franchise any further into the crust. On Monday, a short clip was released of the upcoming film entitled “Change the Name to X-Women”…yep

In the scene, Mystique played by Jennifer Lawrence scolds Xavier played by James McAvoy for almost causing the death of Jean Gray played by Sophie Turner. Now in this scene, Mystique is visibly and understandably upset about the events which just occurred but where the scene takes a quick turn is where Mystique tells Xavier:


“The women are always saving the men around here, you may want to think about changing the name to X-Women”


Now while the “Yaas Queen Slay” can be heard from around the mountains and numerous articles being written as we speak condemning anyone who points out the stupidity of this scene…Mystique’s out of nowhere comment makes no sense, why? Just look at the PREVIOUS MOVIES OF THIS FRANCHISE.

Twentieth Century Fox Film

Let’s start with Mystique herself. I’m old enough to remember a little film called Days of Future Past, if you don’t remember the plot of that film, Wolverine is sent back in time to prevent this same character from killing a military scientist whose death is used as a catalyst to LITERALLY START THE APOCALYPSE, unless you forgot. Mystique, who shouldn’t even be on this team as she is not a hero (but you gotta get that Katniss money) decides to shade at THE MAN who has personally saved her ass on multiple occasions during the course of THREE FILMS.

I mean, if we are REALLY going to have a discussion about who has done the most ‘saving’ in this universe, does anyone else remember Quicksilver single-handedly saving EVERYONE at the X-Men academy when their entire building blew up in the last film? It was only three years ago, you couldn’t have forgotten that quickly.

But you see, this is the problem with the modern day entertainment from Hollywood, writers are too busy trying to get their shit in rather than tell a good story. The line served no purpose in content with the only objective being to take a needless shot at men. The film is filled with progressive feminists in the starring roles looking at actresses like Lawrence, Turner, and Jessica Chastain but they aren’t to blame here, that would fall at writer/director Simon Kinberg. Kinberg took over the directing duties of the X-Men franchise from Bryan Singer after it was accidentally revealed to the masses that Singer for years has had a thing for young boys while the same people who lecture us about feminism, turned a blind eye.

Kinberg, who is known for opposing President Trump’s border policies also developed the reboot of The Twilight Zone, a show that is not only chucked with progressive woke propaganda but featured an episode where straight men become violent savages on their own accord, so what we have here is a pattern. A pattern what is welcomed by its largely feminist cast as mentioned earlier. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender have said that upcoming movie Dark Phoenix is a response to a positive era for feminism…positive.

McAvoy said: “I don’t know it felt like a feminist script, but it certainly felt like we were in a film that was responding to a time where feminism is having a positive impact.
McAvoy continued, “It’s nuts to think that even Marvel (The Disney owned Cinematic Universe) has only had, how many females led films?… Is it one? Captain Marvel. And we’re getting Black Widow coming. It’s nuts to think even with that whole stable as well there’s so few. It’s good that things are changing, that representation just needs to carry on.”
Fassbender added: “They’ve always been ready and the fact of the matter is that Jean Grey is the most powerful mutant so it’s crazy to think that she wouldn’t have a film that would focus on her and she’d be the main central point.”

News flash Michael, we already had a Dark Phoenix movie full of female representation and it came out 13 years ago. Sadly, just like the early test screenings for Dark Phoenix, the reception to the film was not very good.

As long as feminism fails to empower women without first tearing down men, this is going to be the new norm inside the political left bubble that is Hollywood. If you are holding your breath that X-Men: Dark Phoenix will not be a trojan horse for progressive feminism, all evidence supports the reality that you are going suffocate.

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