Vox’s Carlos Maza Fighting To Get Steven Crowder’s YouTube Channel Removed, YouTube & Crowder Responds

On Wednesday, Conservative comedian Steven Crowder on his Youtube channel did a video rebuttal to Vox’s claim that Fox News and Conservatives control the nation’s media as well as the stories that trend in the news cycle. Well, it turns out that the one person who was not happy about Crowder video is Vox’s own Carlos Maza who is now actively campaigning for Crowder’s channel to be removed from the platform due to bullying and harassment.

Maza starred in a Vox Youtube video entitled “You’re watching Fox News. You just don’t know it“, in which he asks “Why does right-wing bullshit dominate the news cycle?” Crowder, who has been a long time critic of Vox and Maza’s content then released a video, debunking their claims that conservatives control the media, even in an indirect fashion. Maza shortly after went on a Twitter tirade not only decrying the video but demanding Youtube take action to remove it on the grounds that Crowder and his audience are a threat to the LGBT community. Maza, who goes by the Twitter handle “Gaywonk” wrote the following.

Since I started working at Vox, Steven Crowder has been making video after video “debunking” Strikethrough. Every single video has included repeated, overt attacks on my sexual orientation and ethnicity.
That being said, I’m not mad at Crowder. There will always be monsters in the world. I’m fucking pissed at @YouTube, which claims to support its LGBT creators, and has explicit policies against harassment and bullying:
Harassment isn’t siloed, either. Every time he makes one of these videos, his fans flood the comments on the original Vox video. So a piece I spent 4 weeks working on is drowning in homophobic and abusive comments and downvotes. Other Vox fans see it. It’s humiliating.

Maza claims that he isn’t trying to censor conservatives despite the fact that he is demanding Youtube take action against Crowder’s channel. Maza himself has also recently produced videos for Vox making the case that YouTube should, in fact, censor right-wing Youtube channels and their content. Team Youtube’s twitter account responded with the following statement:

Thanks so much for outlining all of this–we’re looking into it further. Sending you a DM now.

So with evidence showing that Youtube and Vox could be working together to bring down his channel, Crowder responded with a video speaking on the situation.

Crowder states that will seek legal action against corporate censorship citing that Vox recently received 200 million dollars from NBC Universal to fund it’s media outlets which are now calling for the censorship of smaller YouTube channel. Crowder currently has over 3.8 million Youtube Subscribers but has long been at war with the platform over numerous false copyright claims that have threatened his channel. No action has been taken at this time but it will be interesting to see how this unfolds.


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6 thoughts on “Vox’s Carlos Maza Fighting To Get Steven Crowder’s YouTube Channel Removed, YouTube & Crowder Responds

  1. Well there is a very good reason why Carlos Maza won’t debate Steven Crowder… the facts!!!!

  2. I think doxxing is horrible. I Mr Maza is too thin skinned because no one is forced to watch Crowder. It’s a choice. But his solution is not pro-choice, but censorship of speech He disagrees with. Why not bring the intellectual debate to Crowder?

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